Pokémon GO Round Up 11

pokemongoPokémon GO has been a bit of an experience.  I know that the chance for certain Pokémon to appear in certain places is high or low.  I know that I won’t necessarily catch all the Pokémon sticking to my regular paths, but at the same time that makes the different Pokémon that much more special.  Fortunately, I go to different areas sometimes.  You’ll know I live in a very populated area, so I run into all sorts of things.

If you’re interested in Pokémon GO, you can purchase the app directly by clicking the image to the left.

Well, a bunch of things happened since the last Pokémon GO update, but unfortunately I didn’t necessarily capture it all in screen shots.  For one, I’ve gained like two levels, and I’ve hatched four eggs.  Let’s cover the eggs first.  So I hatched four I believe, you can see the fruits of my labor here:

The first three aren’t so amazing, but the Jigglypuff is different.  Actually I hadn’t noticed it until I hatched the Zubat that I hadn’t been getting those lately as much as I used to.  Previously, when I walked around Old Town, I would get Pidgeys, Rattatas, and Zubats, but I haven’t seen a wild Zubat in a long time now that I think about it.

So on my way to Starbucks today I was able to get enough candy to evolve a couple of my little guys.  I thought I had already evolved a Weedle before, but it turns out that I haven’t.  So I evolved a Weedle to get… a Kakuna.. weird thing.  I don’t really get it.


Nice thing is that it has a third form, but unfortunately I’ll need 44 more Weedle candy to get it.  Well, that’s okay. I also evolved a Drowzee.  It took a little while because I don’t run into a lot of Drowzees.  I already knew what it was going to turn into, but I hadn’t had one registered in my Pokédex so I thought I’d get one:


I do have one particular accomplishment.  I caught a wild 600 combat point Rapidash!  It took quite a few raspberries and great balls, but eventually the sucker was mine!  Rapidash huh, wasn’t even in my Pokédex:



So, because we hadn’t gone out much and it was Friday we decided that we’d go out and Pokéhunt a bit in a new place.  That, and we were buying a new candle from Yankee Candle (I’m a HUGE fan).  We got a Lemon Lavender, but the nice thing is that the mall where the Yankee Candle store is in Loveland and right next to a sculpture park.


And of course, the nice thing about a sculpture park besides the art (which… was okay) is that it’s full of Pokéspots!  So we walked around the park for a while gathering up and hunting a bunch of Pokémon.  Maus took over two gyms, which of course both lated about 15 minutes.  I wouldn’t think this gyms would be in such high demand but there you go.  We could see everyone else playing Pokémon too, including this old grandmother when we were walking out of the park.  What do you know?

So here are the highlights of my catches:


I’ll try to catch more shots of my progress.  I got a bunch of medals too, but I kept forgetting to shoot them.  I’ll be moving up to level 17 soon though!  I choose you Maus-chu!

photo credit: Pokemon Gym at the peak of Zion Observation Point via photopin (license)


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