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This site is now part of the Original Pursuits Society network (OriginalPursuitsSoc.com.) This doesn’t mean much to the average reader. However, users are now tied into the central Original Pursuits Society (OPS) database.

What is the Original Pursuits Society?

You can read more on the actual OPS website, but I can summarize: OPS is kind of like a club for creative people. It attempts to foster a supportive atmosphere for various projects and organizations. It is inspired by The Clasheerian Order (TCO), an eighteen year old now defunct internet organization dedicated to the “creation and appreciation of quality art”. OPS has many of the same goals, but rests in a different environment than the older organization. TCO’s organization was based out of a semi-rural location where creative outlets were few. OPS is based out of a city environment where creative outlets are many. As well, OPS is more clearly defined than TCO was as an organization dedicated to creativity.

OPS is split into three parts: creative, appreciation, and master control. The creative side is dedicated to fostering and helping creative projects/organizations grow and succeed. The appreciation side is dedicated to enjoying work, such as fandoms, anime clubs, warhammer leagues, magic gatherings, etc. Master control is dedicated to raising funds for OPS through services that members can use and offering a centralized marketplace for members’ works.

At the moment, there are only two members of OPS: the cofounders, one of which is me. We’re hoping to expand slowly and deliberately although, we don’t quite have an overarching plan as of yet. We’ve pondered having some kind of headquarters on Second Life where we can begin to congregate and create plans and methods of funding. Second Life also does require funds in order to have a piece of real estate to house such a project.

Part of the difficulty of getting OPS off the ground is a lack of funding. This is hoped to be remedied through the creation of some original games/visual novels/websites, mostly by the cofounders, who can then offer funding for the organization. However, if you are interested in becoming a member (anyone from anywhere can join) there are no membership fees. Just let me know that you are interested in becoming a member.

I was a cofounder of the original TCO organization. Unfortunately, that particular organization had some internal and external difficulties. Much of the technology that can be leveraged today, such as YouTube or Facebook, (even cellphones) did not exist at that time. We had big plans, but small budgets and teenage minds. Internal strife eventually tore the organization apart, unfortunately, but everyone involved learned a lot. I hope to recreate all the good parts that made up that organization now that I’m in a much more able and mature position.

Right now, we’re focused on creating some initial intellectual property and products that can help support the organization. We’re also considering starting a newsletter featuring work from members and other contributors.

I think it’d be kinda cool if we had a newsletter that showcased students’ artwork and writing that got distributed back to schools. I’m familiar with creating a newsletter as such, and there are more resources available than what I had back in the day to create a periodical. What do you guys think?

photo credit: A Reality called Boom – Spiral Dance @ Boom 2014 * via photopin (license)


I'm just a wunk, trying to enjoy life. I am a cofounder of http//originalpursuitssoc.com/ and I like computers, code, creativity, and friends.

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