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So, I booted up my Animal Crossing: New Leaf and realize that it’s game clock is set to tomorrow. Which, actually may be a good thing. The game has timed events and festivals that happen on specific days and times. So, on Thanksgiving there’s a ‘Harvest Festival’. Ooooh, Harvest Festival was quite the production today. I was running around looking for ingredients! Some of my animal friends were walking around, and a few were in their houses. The ones in their houses were making dishes, and they needed ingredients.

First things first though. I got a badge from Phineas! Apparently, I spend a lot of money. (I try to buy everything every day, so I can get a good list of stuff set up for decorating later). Tada, Shopper Badge:



I think it helps that I put out the increased Bell policy as mayor.  That was the only directive that really seemed to make sense to me.  I wonder if prices go higher too?  That wouldn’t make much sense.  Right now, my project is to fund the Reset Center, but it’s at like 300,000+ Bells at the moment.  But I plug on, buying every piece of furniture, rug, wall, shoe, sock, plant, and outfit that I can find.

Winter’s coming soon, my little founder’s tree is a little bare.  It’s kind of bleak with that one little leaf hanging off of it.  I got this game around the winter I want to say, so it’s been like a year almost.  The thing about the winter is… as far as I remember, there’s no fruit.  And without fruit, there’s not as much money… though, I should be doing better off with fossils since I can sell more (they already have them in the museum):


So, who’s that dapper man in the bottom right corner?  Why, that’s Franklin the Turkey!  In previous games he was the Harvest Festival guest, but Tortimer actually intended him to BE the meal.  He would hide behind houses and signs, and the other residents would give you clues as to where he was.  In New Leaf however, he’s the chef.  He has four dishes to complete, the first two are appetizers, or such, (think primero and segundo platos), the third is the main course, and the last is the dessert.  Oh man:


As you can see plate one was easy.  But then the trouble started.  So each person making dishes in their houses are able to provide me with ingredients I don’t have, such as vinegar, flour, or an apple.  I really want apple trees, but it just seems like that hasn’t been in the cards.  If I could bring things back with my Dream Machine, I’d have it made, but I guess those apples are imaginary.  However, for each cooking resident, they want one missing ingredient from THEIR dish in order to supply you with an exchange (and a hint on the secret ingredient for Franklin).  As you can see:


Oh my god, it took me three hours of just fishing to get a freakin’ Barbel Steed.  They are supposed to be common fish that can be caught all year round at any time, and I couldn’t pull up a single one for three hours.  I got Blue Gills, Yellow Perches, even two new fish for my collection I never caught before… but not a single Barbel Steed.  I have caught damn Barbel Steeds for days and days, and now I couldn’t get one.  I got real good at fishing though.  I probably fished 5o fish out of those rivers.  I’ll probably get another badge.

I was able to get the ingredients for all of the dishes.  Well, almost all of the dishes.  I needed a freakin’ apple and a bee hive.  I fished all those fish for some flour, and milk (plus some secret ingredient information).  But, I had other pressing engagements in real life.  I’m making a pumpkin cake for Thanksgiving tomorrow at Captain’s with her brother.  I decided however, as I was thinking of making the cake, that I’d try a different recipe instead and make iced pumpkin bars.

They’re really pumpkiny.  Of course, that’s always somewhat the Asher effect: mucho mucho flavorful.  They taste like pumpkins and spice.  Pretty nice!

So… when I came back later in the evening to the game I thought I’d do a quick wrap up and finish the final dish. Oh no.  Harvest Festival was over!  Franklin had not much else to say, other than he was done.  Sadness!  Maus said to roll time back, but I said I’d have to do everything over again and that took hours and hours.  Ah well, such is the peril of a semi-living world.  But to bring it back full circle, that’s why it’s good that it’s a day ahead.  Then I don’t have to be worrying about things like this on the actual holiday, when I actually have a life.  So I leave you with Franklin:


Now I round up all the fruit and all the shells and make some beaucoup bells, then, I should probably sleep.  Until tomorrow, where we eat ham and pumpkin bars.  Tomorrow I’m being dropped off at Ninja’s house, so I’ll get to see the nephews, but really, it’s a lay-over: I’m going the next day up to my childhood home to see my mother, the lumbering giant, and my adopted brother (and his girlfriend).  They come from a far away land, lost in the passages of a decade of time.  Wow, it has been a decade.  Anyways… see ya ’round!

photo credit: Nintendo x Gargamel Mario Set Wonderfest 2010 via photopin (license)


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