[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m back at my childhood home for a half-week. I’m going to be making the wedding cake for my cousin Tiffany’s wedding. It’s actually three cakes: raspberry chocolate, lemon, and orange. They’re supposed to look like hay bales. There’s going to be a horseshoe piece on top of one. When I make them I’ll post pictures (of the process and of the finished product). We’re using my coveted buttercream frosting recipe that I made famous with my 2012-2013 halloween cake (from the Martha Stewart Halloween Collector Edition). The lemon cake will actually be a lemonade cake that I’ve made before with a special lemon ingredient, and the orange cake is a simple orange birthday cake (using orange juice).

It used to be that I would bake a bunch of cookies, and cakes, and muffins, etc. for people, like my Aunt Candy, or Mama, but I would also bake them to give out. I would give them out particularly at the City Market Grocery Store. That was one of the nice things about living in Granby was that you could be well known enough to share baked goods with the employees. I know if I tried to do that in Fort Collins at my King Soopers or Starbucks they’d think I was trying to poison them. Couldn’t do it, sigh.

The nice thing about growing up where I grew up is that your memories can be quite varied and unique. Some things can happen in a smaller town that don’t happen in ‘the city’. I know I’ve written about how I’m a city boy, but I think I’d rather have the experiences I had in my childhood than the other way around. Though, sometimes I wonder what it would’ve been like had I lived in the city.

One of those things was the varied relationships that could be made. I remember the lady at the grocery store where I’d rent my video games for my Super Nintendo. I remember the lady at the Drug Store where I’d rent my Nintendo games with $2 bills (ha!), and she had a daughter in my 4-H club. Now, whenever I want something, I go to a specific store that specializes in that item, or a big box store, and I don’t know anybody there!

When I lived in Granby, I know it wasn’t the best experience for Maus, but I was able to be somewhere where I had a good support network and I could be with people I knew. I would go to the grocery store every other day and often run into people that had known me for a long time, including my barista (who was one of my high school girlfriends). I know that it might seem like a superfluous experience, but it really helped me. I felt like I was at home.

The funny thing about memories is that you get to experience things in reverse. When you’re young you go to weddings, or graduate from high school, or watch your older brother get a new car. But then, as you get older, you start to experience things from the other side. You went to elementary in your childhood, and then you might work AT that elementary later. You go to your brother’s wedding when you’re a teenager, but then you get married yourself. As you get older you get to experience the whole situation, not just one side.

In essence, it’s kind of like that song (“Both Sides Now”). Leonard Nimoy’s rendition is the best.

A funny memory I have is when my oldest brother (I think) got married. I had never drank beer before, but we were playing cards and I was allowed to have a beer. I was so self-conscious that I couldn’t figure out how much I should drink or how fast. So, I watched my oldest brother’s natural father and his glass. I kept my glass exactly where his glass was. Just kinda cute.

Anyways, what memories do you have that you’ve gotten to experience both sides of now?

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