Memoirs of a Housewife

So, Maus got a job!

That leaves me at home to tend to the apartment and work on my own stuff. I was talking to my mother on the phone and she said, “You’ve become me!”

So, I clean up and vacuum every day, I even get most of the kitchen ready (which was previously Maus’ job, though I leave some things for him to deal with that I don’t like dealing with.) And then, I work on stuff, dinking around on mah computer, school projects, what not. So today, I’ve almost got a finished project, it just needs some styling and graphics, tweaks, and such.

It’s a Furry URL Shortener! As you can see: I did a little research, which is amazing for me, and I found there were a few furry URL shorteners out there as well as some other free ones. I mean, competition against the big deals isn’t really a thing, so… But, my furry url shortener seems, I stress seems, to be the only one with all the features it boasts.

On top of that, login and user registrations for the site are integrated with Original Pursuits Society (my modern day Clasheerian Order). This site is actually part of the Original Pursuits Society network. It’s interesting, but I think it’ll be kind of fun.

I actually made the furry url shortener as part of a plan to help build other furry website services. is just a cornerstone of a set of websites I want to do that can bring the furry community together. I used to have a furry social network ( but it eventually went under. Now the domain name is taken, so I can’t really do again. However, when I did have it, it was kind of interesting. To be honest, I didn’t really pay much attention to it (less than I probably should have). I was busy working on all sorts of other sites it kind of got left behind.

But that will change! I’m going to create another furry service before the social network, but I am going to create a furry social network. I even already have a domain name and I know what kind of software I’m going to use.

One of the other problems with FurTag was the software I was running. It was very buggy, it was almost impossible to customize it to my liking, I couldn’t fix bugs, and because it was also very difficult to upgrade, I was vulnerable to attacks. Now I’m going to be running much better, completely configurable software.

We did a final ‘formal’ critique of my art piece (and other’s artwork too) second to last art class. I don’t know if anybody really quite understood my picture. But that’s okay. I think part of the problem was the background. With the objects in front of it, it was somewhat difficult to tell that there were three walls and a floor. One classmate said it looked like a “riches to rags” story. I mean, that’s okay, people will get different things out of it. I think it turned out well. It turned out HUGE, but it turned out well. I’m thinking I might hang it above my computer battle station, if it’ll fit.

So I cleaned yesterday, cleaned the rat cage yesterday, and I cleaned today. In the mornings on the week days I go to pick up my medication at the clinic. I walk there. When I walk back I stop by the Starbucks in an effort not to nap or sleep when I get home. I don’t really know why it’s so different than walking straight home and pouring my own Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, but it seems to keep me up most of the time. I used to buy a trente iced coffee, and a trente passion fruit iced tea for Maus, but he’s not home anymore by the time I get home, so I just buy coffee now. It’s cheaper anyway. Someday I may be able to harness the ability to pour my own Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in my own apartment (MUCH MUCH less expensive), but that’s how it seems these days.

On the weekend I usually end up sleeping until noon. And to be honest, I’d rather not. On those days I don’t get up to get my medication from the clinic. They’ve packed it for me ahead of time over the weekend. I think that’s the biggest thing, I don’t have to walk/go anywhere in the morning of those days.

However! This week is going to be a little different because Maus and Captain are going to their super awesome voice teacher in Colorado Springs. That’s quite a drive, and I do the driving… just because. I’ll have some time to work on my own stuff when we get there, and I guess we’ll eat out probably. I hope we get to eat out at Noodles & Co. I like that place (and now they have gluten free noodles!)

In terms of the diet, things aren’t going so well. I have been eating too much sugar again, and more gluten. I mean, for a while, I had really decreased my sugar intake, but I think it’s going back up again. I know I have sugar cravings, so I’m not beaten yet. Now that I’m home and have time and opportunity to make dinner things should be better. Yesterday I made almond encrusted chicken tenders, and tonight we’ll have those as left overs with some fresh garlic spinach ‘stir-fry’.

I try to make some stuff in advance for left overs so I can more easily just make one thing a night. So I’ll have quite a bit of a main dish, and then I can make vegetables and fruits the next couple days while we eat that. If I’m adventurous I’ll make two main things and then there are more options.

This will also help our budget some, to talk personally for a moment. Eating out, besides McDonalds (every day? whew, no), can become quite expensive. I know for sure because when I lived in Ram’s Crossing and was so depressed I couldn’t fix food for myself I ate out every single day. Eventually that became unfeasible. So, yeah, don’t do that again.

Eating gluten and sugar free is actually not too hard. I have found many recipes that are good, and don’t have any particular gluten. I try to have a beef dish (usually ground), a fish dish (usually simple basic fillets or shrimp), and a chicken dish. We were eating a beef dish without draining every day and my nurse practitioner said it was affecting my cholesterol. So, more varied dishes are better. It also helps that I found gluten free flour (so I don’t have to go through the laborious mess of making my own), and gluten free quick cooking oats (useful for meatloaves, my favorite).

Speaking of my nurse practitioner, apparently Carole, the one I was going to, picked up and moved! I loved going to Carole, she was such a funny nurse. She had a particular way of talking that was really endearing, I loved it. She also had a particular idiosyncratic way of putting things. Now, she’s working in a different town so I can’t see her. Ah well. They scheduled a new appointment with some new person, I have no idea what it is.

I suppose when I meet them, I’ll write about it.

OH! I’m also going to finally post my latest Isaac Homebrew outing photos and videos. I did this like, two weeks ago, and I ask Maus (who has them) every single day and he’s like, “Oh, I’ll do it tonight.” Bullshit. But I should be getting them soon (like tonight). I hope to post them tonight for #FursuitFriday! Now that I have one I can participate, and it is oh so much fun.

Unfortunately because we are going to Colorado Springs tomorrow, I won’t be able to suit, if I suit, I will have to do it Sunday. Fridays and Saturdays are better (more and varied people), but that’s how it goes.

photo credit: the color-filled droplet. via photopin (license)


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