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Today we were going to do the laundry, but we decided that it would be packed so we’re going to do it tomorrow. So… yeah, I slept until 1 PM. Not so good. I didn’t have to go pick up my medication today, so that kinda happened. I try not to do this, but it seems like ever since I got back home from visiting Granby for Christmas I haven’t been able to get my sleep schedule straight.

When I went home for Christmas they were about to butcher another cow. I partly left because of the rats, but I will admit I partly left because I didn’t want to help butcher the cow. I felt bad about it the next day, and told Mom I was kind of a lazy bum that wouldn’t be surprised if she found disappointing. I told her next time I’ll stay. I’m surprised Asa didn’t say anything to me.

So today I shot a picture of the rats. They’re so cute when they sleep sometimes because they sleep on their heads. It’s hard to get a picture because as soon as you approach them they wake up and look at you. But, I managed to get a picture using zoom on my phone and here they are:


Doesn’t that look terribly uncomfortable? Yet, it seems to be their natural position. I kind of slept like that when I was a rat, but I had other problems to think about.

Today we went to Ace Hardware. We went there because we wanted a cookie jar, and Maus thought it’d be cool to have a Wonder Woman cookie jar. He had seen one in the window at the Ace Hardware in old town. So down we trekked. But… when we finally found the box to the cookie jar (which I forgot to take a picture of dammit) it was $55. It wasn’t even that spacious of a cookie jar, but sometimes I’m bad at telling how large a space is. We decided that $55 was a bit much for a Wonder Woman cookie jar. We got a large glass canister instead. We also got a bottle opener, seeing as how there’s a full bottle of cheap red wine with the cork floating inside on our kitchen counter.

So, a large glass container needs something to go in it right? I baked home-made Madeleines, like the ones you get at Starbucks. All it used was 3 eggs, a little melted butter, a little flour, and some lemon and orange zest. Voila! Madeleines. It of course also helps that I have a Madeleine pan too. The first batch I made I brushed the pan with butter and dusted flour on it. The second time I used Baker’s Joy. I’m not sure which is better. The ones pictured are both with the butter and flour:


And here they are in the glass container on the coffee table. They aren’t much because the recipe only made like 20 cookies.


I’ve been cleaning the whole apartment in the last couple days. Part of it is because I’ve come off working on a truly frustrating project that never seems to lead anywhere and returned to normal life. I tend to get obsessed with this particular project and sometimes seem to put life on hold. However, whenever I stop doing that… life gets better. Maybe it’s not worth it? We’ll have to see what the future holds.

Two other awesome things happened today. First, I went to Best Buy to cash in a $5 reward, and a $10 gift card, and I found out I had $15 in rewards. That made $25 total… so I bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf for my fancy new 3DS for only $6. That’s awesome. I’ve been wanting a new Animal Crossing since I started playing my old one. I saw a trailer for it online and it looked exceptional.


But… the most awesome thing that happened today has to be when we walked into Rocket Fizz. That’s when we saw it. The coup de grace of the day, none other than a Guardians of the Galaxy cardboard cutout! I loved the movie, we saw it three times with different friends. Some of the visuals are stunning, and the story is delightful. The characterizations are dynamic and interesting. So, we set it up in our bedroom because we’re awesome:


Two of my favorite characters!

I was thinking, and you know, my life is fairly beautiful most of the time. I was thinking this when I was setting up what’s become my nightly ritual: one or two cups of decaf with a shot of Bailey’s. I actually went to the liquor store and navigated it myself without any help to find it. It was a huge store, so I’m fairly proud of myself. Normally I walk in and am like, “I never go to these places, where is… anything!?”

I have a great husband-to-be, great parents, excellent siblings, an awesome laptop, computer, television, 3DS, and cable. I mean, I could be starving and on the street, or in the hospital not being able to get out for days. But instead I’m here, with my ability to program I have a blog. I have a blog, love, and beauty.

photo credit: swambo via photopin cc


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