Leaves and Houses, Episode 4

When I had a DS a while ago I had this cool game called Animal Crossing: Wild World. It was really nifty, I loved the little animal villagers and the very cute things they’d say.  There were some downs to the game though, the interface was cludgy, and things like keeping track of what was already donated and how you donated were absent.  It was good, but in light of the improvements of the latest version, it was a little dated.

So now comes in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS!  I love the 3D aspect of the 3DS, it doesn’t give me headaches.  The gripes I had with AC previously they’ve fixed pretty much all of them with the new version.  Of course, it took me months before I realized I could group up the fruit into bunches, and I could switch tools easily using the left or right directional pad.  But, once I had those things figured out, things went pretty smooth.

If you are interested in Animal Crossing for the 3DS please click on the image above to buy directly from Amazon.

A Week In Kadaria

Kadaria is the name of my town, and I’m the Mayor Ashrwolf!  I play the game pretty casually, I don’t fast-forward time or anything.  I haven’t unlocked the last largest department store yet, as you’ll see below, but I’m working on it… kinda.

So I get out and receive some letters.  Hey, Mom sent me something!  But then Hamlet walks by, and what does Hamlet have to say for himself?


But what do you do to calm down a mad Hamlet?  I mean, in Tomodachi Life you just placate your Miis with retail therapy and stuff.  But here, well, I’m not sure how that goes.  So I walked around to check up on what was going on with my vegetation and my fruits.  Looks like things are going pretty well, though I have some foliage remodeling plans for the future, as soon as I get another ax.  But, what’s this?


Oh my, the search begins:

But… I finally found the owner!  It was Cranberra!


So I finally got around my village and made it to just in front of my tree.  Guess who was there!  Gracie was there doing one of her famous fashion checks.


Well, I dressed up in something ‘cute’, or at least I tried to dress up as something ‘cute’.  I looked like this:


I don’t really understand how you’re supposed to have so many clothes at your disposal that you can just satisfy Gracie at the drop of a hat.  I really don’t know, I don’t have that much stuff because I play pretty casually.  I thought that maybe this was ‘cute’?  I don’t know.  Gracie… had none of it:


All headliners and no opening acts?  Please…  that hat by itself is the bomb!

Ah well, screw Gracie, I’m rocking it out in front of the Museum in my own duds (I have this hat in real life):


Ah well, guess it’s time to go around and collect some new things.  Lately, probably because of the season, I’ve been collecting some new creatures that I hadn’t had before:

That’s a lot of catches for this game!  I was impressed!

In other news, there was a fireworks show, which was fun.  Apparently they happen every week from August to September or some such.  Isabelle was there, handing out some kind of sparkler head thing.  The fireworks were cool, they had different designs in the sky:



However, Redd was there, the little miser.  And he was selling cookies that had prizes.  So, of course, I had to try… and I did… and it was a bust.


But I tried again, and at least, I got this:

I built a lighthouse at one point, but I never really got a picture of it working.  Since it was evening when the fireworks were shooting, I was able to capture a photo:


What’s even niftier is that I finally finished raising funds for my fountain up in the upper right of my tree:


There’s actually quite a bit of news. For one, I have a new resident, Stinky the cat it appears:


I guess he’s a mexican wrestler?  I love his house, I’ll have to make a themed room in my house that matches his.  It’s funny.


But sadly, a resident is moving away, goodbye Hans!


The residents of course are up to no good, and have some funny things to say:

Well, life in Kadaria is going pretty well it looks.  I took a break from designing houses, so that’s it for this Leaves and Houses episode!

My Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.

My dream code for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is – 5700-5961-3124

Goodbye for now!

photo credit: Crossing, Kenya via photopin (license)


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