Leaves and Houses Episode 1

What’s going on the town of Kadaria these days?

Well, it’s holiday time. Not only is Toy Day coming, but the saps, or whatever, are decorated with pretty multi-color lights.  I like multi-color lights like the tree we have in the apartment, so it’s nice that they have multi-color lights rather than just straight white.  Although, I saw a screen cap somewhere that had some really pretty trees, but I don’t know how to get those.  I took a shot of a tree for you:


Also, I started a new room in my basement that’s going to try to follow a bit of a theme.  I believe these are the ‘minimalist’ pieces (at least they look like it).  I wonder if there’s a minimalist wallpaper and flooring?  Minimalism definitely is bright!  It’s so white I could barely make out what was what when I was putting the little bonsai tree on the dresser.  I mean, minimalism is supposed to instantiate a meditative atmosphere right, so bonsai is perfect.  Maus and I keep trying to have different plants in our apartment, but somehow I kill all of them.  Good thing virtual plants don’t need virtual water!


I can’t quite remember who moved out, but somebody’s moving into town!  His name is Jacque, which is an awesome name by the way.  He’s moving into a spot that hasn’t been occupied before.  I wonder what kind of animal he’ll be.  Or if he’ll be friendly or mean?  You’ll notice the little tree that’s right on the edge of the fence is wilting.  Poor tree, you got stepped on by a house.  Ah well.


Good news though!  I was able to not only fund the Reset Center, as you can see below, but I also repaid off my current home loan at Nook’s!  This means my upstairs is going to get bigger, so I can fit more things into it, most likely more Rococo furniture, although Digby did inform me that using a smattering of other items in the room can also improve my score.  My own Happy Homes Network score is really low compared to the usual amount reported by the game.  I wonder what a Reset Center does?


Then it was time to put on my work uniform and get to work at my job at Nook’s homes.  Today I was presented with Olivia, a cute cat that wanted a piano studio.  Well, I’ve been in plenty of piano and voice study rooms, I was all on top of this:


I design both the outside and the inside of the house.  I based my inside design on the piano studies I have seen, particularly the one on Magnolia street where Maus has sung a few times.  You gotta have the piano, lights on the piano, chairs to watch and listen to the piano.  Also, cheesecake and a coffee maker helps a lot.  The coffee maker didn’t quite fit the room, but it was the only one I had!  The rose… a nice elegant touch in my opinion:

Olivia’s piano studio HHN code is: 0106-7711-721

After that I took a little break, and read the designer manual.  Now, I can edit and design windows and doors!  The Animal Crossing games are really good at introducing features slowly and in a fun way.  I really appreciate that, because when a bunch of stuff is thrown at me all at once, I don’t remember how to use it all.  It also makes me more excited to discover more information and skills.

After I rested a bit, it was time to build a new facility in town!  This time?  A supermarket / store.  So, I thought about Nook’s store in my town of Kadaria, and took a gander at all the new items I could use.  Well, there were so many neat items I couldn’t resist using ALL of them.  Some of the items reminded me of a gas station, particularly 7-11.  Back in the day, before the ubiquitous presence of game consoles in houses everywhere, the only place ot play some video games WAS the 7-11.  I remember they specifically had Street Fighter II.  I remember this because when I was little and really wanted a new Super Nintendo one of the deals made was that Ninja would get Street Fighter II for it, while I’d get Super Mario World.  I loved that system.  So, in my store there’s a soda machine, flowers, ice cream cabinet, slushies, a public phone (what is that?), and such and such.  Here’s some shots:


If you want to see the shop for yourself, the HHN code is: 0898-7741-282

So that was the day in Kadaria, holidays, stores, pianos, Reset Centers, home improvements, the works.  But, we eventually have to put the day to a close, and in the end, enjoy the weather and smell the flowers:


My Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.

See you again, same bat channel, same bat time.

Photo credit: Christmas Loft 2012 via photopin (license)


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