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Well, I discussed this site in another post very briefly.  One of the ideas I had knocking around my noggin’ for a while was the idea of a collectibles site where people can buy collectible items.  I imagine selling such things as collectible cards, collectible figurines, old game cartridges, gaming systems, old games, old hard to find books, anime, manga, and even new games, books, and cards if the opportunity arises.  In my head it is very much like a pop culture store selling things like Pokémon, figurines, hard to find items, Yu-Gi-Oh, anime, manga etc.  In the future, I hope I can sell import items as well from Japan, but that’s far in the future. The idea is that we’ll buy and sell these collectible items through our online store: http://junkyshark.com/

The site is up now, and actually has some inventory, right now it’s primarily Pokémon Trading Card Game cards, particularly Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising.  More updates will be coming soon as inventory increases, slowly.  I actually purchased the current inventory with some of the money I’ve made with my new part time job (I wrote about that earlier, I hold a sign in a dog costume on the road), so I have to make a little more money before I buy more inventory, or the inventory already there needs to sell a bit.

The site has a storefront, but it also has a blog. The blog has potential to cover quite a few things, including news, and various items of interest to collectors.  I was thinking it might include, for instance, posts about Pokémon strategies and news about the game.  Right now the blog only posts anthology/catalog posts listing all the new items that are available in any given acquisition.  I’m hoping these types of posts make it easier for people to watch out for any given items that they might be interested in, perhaps in an RSS feed.

My star item at the moment is the Secret Rare Holo card Double Colorless Energy at $60.  That’s at least $6 less than it’s going for in most other marketplaces, so buy it, it’s a deal!  I’m interested in trying to foster this site as a source of income in my life, much like I used to do selling pre-owned books on Amazon.  I did that for a while, and amassed more than a thousand books and did pretty well, but I eventually got out of the business when I moved back home to Granby to live with my parents six years ago.

I actually started a business like this a decade ago when I was an insurance agent in Handyville, but it had a few issues.  One, it was not as easy to have an online store in those times as it is now.  Secondly, I amassed a lot of cards, and I mean a lot.  I had about 10,000 cards ranging from Magic: The Gathering to Yi-Gi-Oh, and Pokémon, baseball cards, etc.  The problem here was that getting all that information about all those cards, how many we had, and all that, was really complicated.  Or at least, I made it somewhat complicated.  “Our” plan was to list the items on e-bay, and I had some success in doing that to a degree, but getting all those cards listed on e-bay was an arduous and turns out to be impossible task.

I only pulled my cards out again when I lived with Nathan (Ksaru) when I first moved to Fort Collins.  If you remember form previous posts, Nathan was the con-man I was best friends with, or at least I thought I was best friend’s with since he was just pretending the whole time.  He decided that a local furry in Lyons was opening a gaming store (“Lions Lair Games,” or something like that) and so we could sell all our cards on commission.  It was a nifty idea, and I went for it.  Of course, in the end, I discovered that Nathan said the cards were his when he presented them to the store, and they sent him checks instead of me… that lyin’ bastard.  I confronted him about it eventually when I discovered what happened, and he didn’t really deny it, and then I kicked him out.  I never really recovered my cards fully from that, and eventually I threw a bunch of them away because I didn’t have the room.  Ah well.

However, with the online store I have now those two earlier problems are mitigated somewhat.  Now I can obtain product and list it publicly on the internet within one day, which improves a lot of things.  Having too many cards plug up the system is not really a concern anymore.  I’m looking into other places we can also list the product to sell as well, including some online trading card brokers and possibly Amazon.  I’m looking into it, but we’ll see how that goes.

So that’s what we got going, a new online store selling lots of pop culture collectibles.  At least, that’s the idea.  I’d appreciate it if you need some sort of collectible give me a holler and I’ll see what I can hook you up with.  I’m hoping this can provide me with an additional income source, as you know, my part time job won’t last forever (as it stands now).

Maus says he’s going to get together a logo for the site, as it’s logo-less at the moment.  If you have any ideas for a logo send ’em my way, I’d love to see what people come up with the words Junky Shark.  You can find out more about what has been listed at Junky Shark by visiting the main page, but also you can see its first two compendium posts here, and here.  Right now the focus is on Pokémon Trading Card Game cards, particularly Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising (Make me think of the Rise of the Guardians movie I saw once, which was okay, though, I didn’t think you could act badly in CG… but you so can.)


I actually reproduce the list of new items here, after consideration:

photo credit: brookewill He’s so focused via photopin (license)

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