Juicer Spectacular!

Okay, so this isn’t that spectacular, but it’s still cool.

I had a juicer, just a plain small glass container with an orange juicing top. Pretty standard. But I came to hate it.

Every time I juiced anything significant, like three grapefruits, or two orange, the pulp would get stuck in the slots and the juice wouldn’t drain through. I had to use a knife to scrape the slots every time I juiced a new fruit. Oh the horror!

So I went on a quest for a cheap but good juicer. I wasn’t looking for a machine, just something with bigger slots. I get to WalMart and we look around for a juicer. Eventually Maus and I are looking for ANY juicer. Finally I found something by accident in the blender section.

They were electric juicers, pretty fancy, but they started at $35. Eeek! I found a cute one next to the expensive ones though. I hoped it wouldn’t be a piece of WalMart crap.


Well it wasn’t, and it only cost $20. The slots are much bigger, and bonus it rotates, even though that wasn’t what I was looking for initially. Actually, I just wanted bigger slots, it wasn’t until we were halfway through the store when I realized it was electric.

So I used it, and yay, I can adjust for pulp, and the slots are big enough they don’t get clogged. There’s also a shield on the spinner that prevents clogging as well. Before, with my old juicer, you could barely clean it in the sink without a toothpick or the edge of a knife. It was very tedious, oh the horror. Now, I just rinse it off in the sink and bam, it’s clean.

This has made my life more beautiful, so I recommend this to anyone. It won’t slice and dice and juice stuff like carrots, but juicing fruits like limes, oranges, grapefruit, it’s perfect for the job.


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