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So, it’s another Saturday. I have this problem, although its a luxurious problem, and a total first world problem. (Yes, I’m playing the song from Weird Al Yankovic in the background right now.) The problem is that, since I don’t have to get up to walk and get my medication, I sleep in, usually until noon these days.

I hate sleeping in until noon because it takes a whole chunk out of my day. About a third to half of it. This is why Monday through Friday I get up and go get my medication down the street, to stay awake. It’s been working too, but I don’t do it on Saturday and Sunday.

In other news, Maus got a job! He’s a receptionist/assistant at a medical firm. He showed me his work ‘bible’, a notebook full of information that he has to digest. It’s very complicated! But he said that he manned the phone for a while yesterday, although his training will take a couple weeks, and that he did it successfully. So, that’s a good thing.

I said that I might go fursuiting today on Twitter, but, I don’t know if I will. I have an art project I have to work on that is large and has to be done by Sunday evening. I suppose I could fit it in, but honestly, I don’t know if I feel like fursuiting (did I just say that?). We’ll see how the day goes. I keep trying to get the last outing’s pictures and video from Maus, and he’s like, “I will, I will.” But so far, he never does. I ask every day, to no avail. Argh.

I’ve been programming, and I actually just programmed a cool thing in PHP where you can get objects to act like simple JavaScript objects. So, I’ve been having my packages published under to some success. One of my recent packages a month ago actually won fifth place in the innovation award contest. I won a book! The other packages have been eligible to be picked as notable, which is neat. However, I got a review of my Universal Event System yesterday. It reads as such:

You must have balls to post such an bullshit

Really? For such bullshit packages, I’ve sure been getting positive feedback. I searched for his name, although he may be using an alias, on the site and found nothing. The guy doesn’t even have his own code submitted to the site, and he’s calling my stuff bullshit? And, a bit nit-picky but, ‘an’ doesn’t go before ‘bullshit’.

So, I guess I have balls. I wasn’t expecting such feedback, I thought I was doing pretty good. But honestly, fuck him. My packages work for me and do what I want them to do, and if you take the time to understand them they can be very useful. Sure, my packages so far don’t solve a particular specific problem, but that’s the point, they’re designed to be able to be extended to work on specific problems, like a framework. Building a framework is often times much more difficult than building a class to do something specific. So, yeah, fuck him. I actually have the option of e-mailing him back, but I won’t. He obviously didn’t take the time to understand my packages, so, why should I take the time to acknowledge his opinion?

However, I’ve gotten 145 downloads on my latest published package: Universal Event System. With the approximately 127 downloads of my Abstract Data Types, this places me at 2134 downloads total across my packages. If I can amass 2500 downloads, I’ll pass the next mission status of the site (something only 8 people have explicitly done). This will push me one mission towards the next status level of PHP author on the site.

In other news, I’ve discovered that I’m using 84% more electricity than my neighboring apartment tenants. Wow! So, we are going to see if we can take some steps to lower our energy usage. That’s a lot! It’s probably due to all the electronics we have plugged in that aren’t on, and we aren’t using at the same time. I’m going to pull out the front part of our apartments stuff and reorganize all the wiring that’s been hackneyed together over time. That’ll be fun.

I tried connecting my Windows/Ubuntu tower to my mini-display port compatible monitor using a converter I found online. Unfortunately, my DVI connection coming out of my tower must not have a digital component, which is required by the converter, because the monitor didn’t acknowledge the tower and displayed nothing. Argh! It would’ve been cool to use my giant monitor to be able to work on my adventure game(s). But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. In other technical news, I think my giant monitor is finally going. It’s experiencing long term screen burn despite a screen saver, and letting it sleep for long periods of time. It’s gotten burn in before, but it usually goes away after a couple days. This screen burn seems to be more random and continues to stay on the screen when it displays certain shades of gray and shaded colors. So, I’m in the market to buy a new monitor, although it won’t be for a long time because this monitor is probably still going to last a long time. I thought it’d be cool if I could get a giant curved monitor, like as long as my desk… but I don’t think I’ll have enough money to do that.

My art project is kind of interesting. We are supposed to do a piece meditating on growth and decay. So, I was inspired by a neighbor moving in. When I think of people moving, I remember all the times I’ve moved. See, when I was quit my insurance agent job in Tabernash, very soon after I moved to Westminster to live with Maus. It was an interesting time because across the hall was Maus’ ex-boyfriend and HIS new boyfriend. For a little while there was also a guy living in the living room. We were all furries, so I said we fur boxed in. Hee. But, one day there was a huge argument that almost came to blows about Maus’ singing. So we were driving to Denver when I turned to Maus on Speer and said, “How would you like to move out?” He said, “Sure.”

I knew of a place we could move to, my sister-in-law’s townhome in Lafayette. It was currently empty, so we could pay the rent there and live alone. So we moved. Then my former friend Boomerjinks decided he needed to kill himself, so he showed up at our townhome with a gun. Of course, I disarmed him and we eventually sold the gun to my sister-in-law, but in an effort to make him feel better I went with him to Fort Collins. I didn’t have a car so I was at the whim of anybody who had a car. Well, I stayed a couple days, but eventually I told Boomerjinks I had to go home. In that span of time my sister-in-law Hurricane had come to the townhome in an effort to gain more renters. She discovered the somewhat sorry state we had the townhome in, including a pile of Amazon boxes in the living room. She was not very happy. So she called me up and I told her I didn’t want this to come between us so I would move. We moved to an Arvada studio apartment. From there we tried to get programming contracts but we didn’t succeed very well. I actually had a job as a professional programmer (pretty good for someone who’s taken zero classes) for a while at a financial statement printing place, but I was eventually fired. After I was fired, I met this guy Ksaru. That began an epic story of mental illness, but in the midst of it we moved to Fort Collins. Eventually Ksaru had to go away, and we got another roommate. He was a basket case, and we eventually moved to a two bedroom apartment in Fort Collins near Elizabeth. However, I had entered a deep deep depression, and because I couldn’t take care of myself, I had to move back home with Maus. That was interesting, we often lived with my parents, Hurricane, my brother, their two children all in one house. Finally, we moved to an apartment in Fort Collins Old Town, and I love it.

Why do I give you details of all my moves? Well, each move was kind of the same until the last two moves. We’d move and have high hopes that life would be better, and that we’d make a good home there. But then the reality of my life, my mental illness, my depression, my existence would seep in. Each new place did offer a new perspective and tools to handle this reality, but eventually each place ended up in total disarray and decaying because I couldn’t take care of myself. It started happy, and ended sadly. Every time.

But then I moved home, and it didn’t end sadly, I was just deeply depressed for a long time. But I gradually got better. Then we decided we just had to move, it was getting kind of a burden to be there for both Maus and I, and my parents. So I moved to an apartment in Old Town with high hopes, and hesitation that it was just going to end sadly like all the other times.

But it didn’t, it got better. I suddenly found myself coming out of my depression rather quickly, and not obsessing about all the things I was prone to obsess about. It was actually kind of amazing how quick it was. I got super better and almost completely functional, though I still have a disability, in a short period of time. I mean, I still have functional problems, particularly when it comes to having a job. But I was free at last.

So, my art project is a reflection of those moments in my life. The high hopes of moving in on the right, the reality of my life as a man laying in the center of the room looking at the ceiling, and the memory of a decrepit and decayed room on the right. I’ll be posting pictures soon as it is due on Monday. In the mean time, that’s what I’ll be working on.

photo credit: BS via photopin (license)


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