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I am now a member of the iTunes affiliate program.  This is one of the ways that I support myself, and I genuinely was just interested in being part of the iTunes community.  I’ve very much wanted to become an Amazon Affiliate, but unfortunately Colorado is one of the banned states because of tax laws.

So, unfortunately, I am not an Amazon Affiliate, but I digress.  I AM an iTunes affiliate program.

I plan to use the links on the left sidebar of my site to showcase the stuff that I myself am perusing and most of the time recommend.

I also plan on putting out a somewhat weekly post featuring iTunes music, movies, books, podcasts, and/or iOS apps.  I think I’ll call it, “Media Whore: Episode #”

I come up with that name because that’s what I’ve called Maus before.  It was inspired by my other furry friend Blanch (a space lion), who I believe was the first one who really pinned down the term applied to Maus.  Maus has a LOT of media.  Boxes and boxes of movies, stacks and stacks of books, hundreds of music discs and thousands of digital tracks, weekly podcasts, you name it.

I am not as much of a media whore, but I need to stimulate my brain, so I’m trying to become more of one.  See, for a long time I’ve really ensconced my brain with very few things.  When I was very very depressed, I didn’t stimulate my brain at all.  I was too busy trying not to go crazy obsessing.  I didn’t always succeed and that’s when I ended up in the hospital.  I am/was very self-focused.  I didn’t really reach out or explore the world in any way or fashion.

When I lived in Ram’s Crossing I would force myself to play video games (the two in question at the time was the original Shining Force, and the original Phantasy Star.  But when I did that, it’s hard to describe, but my mind was on total edge all the time.  Now, when I look back on it, it was extreme anxiety that wasn’t being treated as anxiety.  It was so severe I could barely play a video game, I forced myself so that I would do something.

The only thing or person I was really interested in was Bea Arthur.  Yeah, I know, but there it was.  The biggest culprit for this fascination was the television show Maude.  I watched the entire series of Maude over several weeks from a boot leg copy (the full series wasn’t released yet).  This boot leg unfortunately was recorded from the television broadcast (probably re-runs too) so the quality was very poor AND there were scenes cut out.

We discovered there were missing scenes when we got the first season on DVD and in one episode Florida does this cheer… but in the bootleg copy there was no cheer by Florida.

The thing about Maude is, though I don’t agree with her politically, was that it was all about putting yourself out there.  The character of Maude herself was diagnosed as bipolar in an episode with a touching ending.  She was amazing.  I sat on the couch, probably naked, wishing I could be like Maude.

Maude just puts herself out there, she says what she feels, she’s not ashamed to be her histrionic self.  She has power in that way, and in a way she’s larger than life.  I want to be larger than life, but reality, even unreality, has a certain way of knocking you down.  It’s your hopes and dreams that pull you up.

Whew!  Anyways, I pretty much enveloped myself pretty much in Golden Girls and Maude.

You can imagine the day that Bea Arthur died.

There’s another time in my life when I became super super focused on a particular media to the point of obsession and well, messiness.  The last couple of years, maybe one year, maybe two, I discovered Nine Inch Nails.  I became obsessed with Nine Inch Nails and collected all the halos (including the VHS cassette).  That’s all I listened to, literally, that’s all I would listen to.  It started with me listening to it while I programmed early in the morning, but grew into something festering.

I think it helped contribute to my break down, but was not the cause of it.  I listened to it even into college, when I went to CU when I was eighteen.  That was the saddest, second most emotional time in my life.  It was utterly horrible, I was incredibly dysphorically depressed.  And all I’d listen to was Trent Reznor.  Not very good.  I was having extreme issues with some of my relationships in my life, and I couldn’t escape.  I think it was the power of the music that really pushed things ahead though.

Still, to this day, I watch Golden Girls pretty much every single day, even if it’s a little bit.  I can say the lines before they say them.  I’ve held and gone to Golden Girls viewing parties.  I’m working through Maude again because I got the entire official series for, I think my birthday.

But, I noticed when I try to write stuff, or be creative to a larger degree than just the concept… I come up a bit dry.  In one way I need to approach it like my art projects, just one step at a time.  It’s not as sexy creating the piece as it is thinking of the piece.  Maus says that if I read more, I’ll be much more able to be creative.  So, I’m taking that to a certain degree, I’m going to read more, watch more, play more, and such and such.

I’ve tried doing this before, but I always kind of slide into the usual routine of just watching Golden Girls.  Well, sexually active middle aged woman can only inspire so much!

Thus in order to support myself a bit, and at the same time offer you guys something interesting I have the iTunes affiliate links on the left, and elsewhere on the site (in the posts).  If you like this blog and are interested in helping support it, use the affiliate links to get what you want (it registers for 24 hours) and it’s a win-win.

I’m working on some projects that’ll hopefully also be able to generate some income as well, such as my furry url shortening service.  I’m hoping that for $3 a month you can get some premium services and help support the furry community.  I’ve been thinking of opening some kind of patreon, but the problem with that is that I’m a completely non-established ‘artist’, and my creative efforts are so varied there’s no specific thing I could really put a finger on.  I write, program, design, draw… it’s all over the place.

I’m hoping to become more of a music-phile, and other such things.  To do so surprisingly takes a little effort, but it’s a recursive kind of effort: the gains beget the gains.

So, let’s all be happy and exchange values!

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