It’s Teh Baby!

So, what’s up in video game land you may be asking yourself.  No?  Well, inquiring minds want to know okay?

So, when we left Chrakia, that is KadarMan’s Tomodachi island town, there were a lot of people hanging around.  But the two most interesting couple that married, moved out and got a house, is Maus and Hurricane.  Hurricane is my sister-in-law, and Maus is my partner.  So they got married.  It’s funny to me because one time Hurricane admitted to having a bad dream about marrying Maus (or something similar to that), and now, they have (virtually).

That’s not the best part.  I wrote earlier a tiny bit about some good news that Maus and Hurricane have to report.  I said I gave Maus a baseball bat as a gift, which is so wrong, because they’re having a baby!  Now they can match all the latest rounds of babies being announced on my Facebook feed.  It was a super-quick delivery, one day Maus was thinking about having a baby, two days later:


It’s a Christmas miracle!  Are those horns on Maus’ head?  Yes, those are goat/sheep horns on Maus’ green hair.  And Hurricane is wearing a safari outfit.  This is Tomodachi life okay?  So, here they are in their beautiful house with their new beautiful baby.  It’s name?  Oh, I forgot it’s name and my 3DS is charging so… maybe you can suggest a name?  But before you name the baby, let’s see how it looks:


Uhuhh! Wow.  That’s a scary baby.  Look at those eyebrows, look at those eyes… It’s plotting the death of my island town as we speak, I know it.  This is like the part two of Hurricane’s nightmare, the tales of the leprechaun baby.  I know the heads are large on every human thing in the game, but look at its head compared to its swaddled body!  It’s like a little bug that’s popped out and will start singing opera and fixing a car.  Those eyebrows say it all.

In other news, guess what I did:


That’s right, it doesn’t quite show it here (I accidentally skipped that screen) but I finished my fossil collection in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  I have every dinosaur fossil in the whole game now.  Pretty neat!  Now, every time I find a fossil, I can just sell it as it is without verifying it.  I’ll have to look up to see if that gets more money, or if I should identify them first.  I would imagine it would get more money.  I also got some pears from the harvest festival and have one pear tree.  It seems pears are very lucrative, so I have to grow more.  Two people moved into my town too, but I don’t have shots of them.  The life and times of my town may be another post.

In other news though, it was Hans’ birthday:


I don’t know why it was so dark in Hans’ apartment.  I couldn’t get it lighter.  But, it looks awesome.  Hans has been a resident of Kadaria (my little animal town) for the longest time.  He hasn’t moved out or anything!  I think he really likes all the development that’s gone on downtown.  With that many shops, what’s not to love?  Hans is one of my particular favorites because of the things he says.  I would characterize it, but I’m may be at a loss for words.  Either way, Mint is there hiding behind the cake… but at least I wasn’t his only friend!  Happy birthday Hans!

My Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.

photo credit: baby oranges in the rain via photopin (license)


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