Inherit The Earth Kickstarter!

There is a new kickstarted for an Inherit The Earth game. When I was younger and only had a Macintosh IIsi, I looked at the PC gaming magazines with envy as I saw all the advertisements for the game I wish I could play. Yes, I had a mac but subscribed to PC Gaming. I was REALLY into computer games. Anyways, one of the ads struck me very much. It was for Inherit the Earth. It was a furry adventure game, and since I’ve been a fur from birth (#fursuitforlife) I was REALLY intrigued. Unfortunately, I never got to play it, and by the time I did get to play it I had lost a little interest (and time). But, Maus was able to play it and he worked through it, so I kind of got to play it through him. So, if you like furry adventure games, go fund this puppy! (pun intended)


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