If He’s Bothering You

So I worked at Starbucks today, trying to get my sleep schedule back on track. Need a little coffee assistance. Anyways Roger was there, he’s okay to talk to though he seemed a little off today. Then this guy comes in and sits down at Roger’s table. He’s like “split this table?”

Roger went “huh?” And the guy got kind of intimidating and was like “split the table!”

Oy. He’s like “where are the plugs? You don’t have them outside!” Like it was our fault.

Then he bends over and moans about his three broken ribs, “but that’s what you get in the military.”

Then the manager walks over and hands me a piece of paper. It reads:


I felt pretty special. I’m a valued regular. Though I should be the number of full days I’ve spent here. I didn’t say anything because he wasn’t really bothering me. But that was super nice of her!

So like go to this Starbucks cause they’re cool and awesome and everything!


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