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So life’s been a little slim in Kadaria’s Nook’s Happy Home Design shop.  Wandering around town has taken up a little more time, shopping, picking fruit, playing in the snow.  Speaking of snow it’s winter in Kadaria!  Interestingly enough, the fruit is still on the trees, mostly.  Soon it’s going to get so the trees won’t have leaves at all, like when I first got the game.  I’ll have to rely on my fishing and bug catching skills.  It’s all good anyway, I need to collect some more of those things to complete my museum.  But, look at the snow!


I took advantage of the snow, and started rolling it around… that led to… a snowball!

I tried to see if the snowball had some kind of special significance.  Like it if I rolled it a whole bunch it would split open and reveal a prize maybe?  I’m not sure, I haven’t figured these snowballs out exactly, I’ll have to look online.  I just tossed mine into the river and it melted.

The only thing that happened of any excitement as mayor of the town of Kadaria was my green wand:


After that, I wondered as I wandered (heehee) through the snow and went crazy shopping!  It’s like Wally World with fake cash!  I bought every item in every store… somehow it was satisfying.  It’s better than spending real cash, so hey, whatever works!  In doing so, I decided it was time for a change of outfit at my job as an interior/exterior designer.  I was kind of shooting for…  I don’t know what I was shooting for:


I think I look like a mesmerized step-ford wife.  Must make homes, must decorate… beep beep, must wear yellow tie with red shirt…

I like my shoes.  You can decorate with socks too, but I guess that only comes in handy for girls mostly.  There aren’t a lot of shorts, so, you never really see the socks on the guys.  Meh, girly stuff.  I’m a manly man… who looks like a step-ford wife traveling through Africa.  What’s the deal with the hats?  Oh well, at least it’ll make me seem more cosmopolitan and worldly to my clients.  Just talk about elephants.

So in the past two days I designed a special request home for Claude.  Apparently special requests come from a 3DS looking machine on the desk upstairs.  I’m not sure how that works, but I’m going to pretend it’s a laptop.  The power of the web these days huh?

Claude wanted a Nintendo store.  I built a Nintendo store:


I modeled it somewhat after both the old Oxygen Bar that we used to go to, the Buy Back Games next to the boba tea place, the Games Ahoy in Loveland, and the Game Stop that used to be in the mall.  Actually, my largest inspiration was the old video game store that had a short life on main street in Handyville.  I hope they put another Game Stop in the mall, but bigger and better!  I have a suspicion they’re not… ah well.  When I got around to designing the outside, I let my neurotic out and put out symmetry.  Except for the café table…  I imagine this is what the outside of a Nintendo store looks like:


Next up I was assigned to Muffy.  I’m not sure if Muffy is a sheep, or a goat.  I think she’s a sheep, which in that case makes her a black sheep.  My favorite kind of sheep!  You see, I’m a bit of a black sheep too… that is when I’m not being a wunk.  Whoah, species metaphors can get confusing when you’re not human!  Anyways, Muffy wanted something Rococo.  Elegant, antique, and sophisticated were the words of the day.  I actually have a Rococo room in my house that I pieced together, ordering most of it from other people’s houses to be honest.  I don’t think this is really Rococo, I’ll have to check with Maus about the style.  I’ll have him put his opinion in the comments.  Here’s the inside:


See that flower in front of the Christmas tree?  No, I don’t see it real well either.  I like to imagine it came from Flower Town, grown lovingly by very own hand.  I wasn’t able to get any other good shots, so this is what we got.  She wanted it to look gothic, so there you go.  My favorite is the lamp.  So I decided I’d shoot for something a little fairy tale on the exterior:


You can’t see it, but there’s a wooden two person swing on the far left.  Muffy’s the first resident to actually have a car!  She can get about town… but my question is, why is it a Nook’s Home’s car?  Does Nook really have that much of a clasp on this city?  The power, Sonny, the power!

My Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.

Claude’s home is on the Happy Home Network at: 0501-7755-224  And…

Muffy’s home is at 0508-7715-757

Hey!  Happiness!

photo credit: Woodcarver works on a Rococo fireplace via photopin (license)


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