Golden Girls Trivia

Last post’s question was: Why did Uncle Nunzio die?  Bonus if you can name the episode where we learn this detail.

The answer: Sophia makes a delicious meal for a get together featuring some of the best italian cooking this side of the Bahamas, tasting and eating as she went along.  After the party the storm rages even harder, but Sophia seems to be under some kind of attack.  Is it a heart attack?  The girls aren’t sure, and Sophia tries to remember how her relatives and ancestors died.  Uncle Nunzio in this instance is cited as dying to “get away from Aunt Theresa” who “had no heart,” as Dorothy aptly puts it.

For an in-depth look into everything Golden Girls, I can’t recommend this book the most. Maus got it for me for my birthday, and it is a must have for any Golden Girl aficionado. It has a great selection of new information, photographs, everything. Click the image to the left to purchase it now on Amazon.

Okay, the question of the day – Which famous cook was allegedly once a business partner of Sophia’s?  Bonus if you can name the episode in which this is revealed.


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