Golden Girls Trivia!

Last post’s question was: How is Oogle and Floogle different from the children’s version?  Bonus if you can name the speaker.

The answer:  As Rose reveals to Barbara Thorndyke, Oogle and Floogle is the adult version of “hide and go seek”.  The difference?  Adults play it.  The correct bonus answer is Barbara Thorndyke.  That episode is one of my favorite as Dorothy kicks her out, what a horrible woman.

For an in-depth look into everything Golden Girls, I can’t recommend this book the most. Maus got it for me for my birthday, and it is a must have for any Golden Girl aficionado. It has a great selection of new information, photographs, everything.  Click the image to the left to purchase it now on Amazon.

Okay, the question of the day, though not particularly trivial, – Which special guest was your favorite on The Golden Girls?


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