Golden Girls Shots!

No, no, not those kinds of shots.  I was able to capture a few more funny faces on Golden Girls. I watch it every night, so… yeah, I watch it every night.  I think our neighbors may be a little concerned about us.  Anyways, here’s some funny shots straight from screen to camera to screen!


This is Blanche, right after Dorothy yells she’ll “spray paint it on my hump!” after Rose and Blanche critique her outfit rather negatively.


This is when Dorothy says “I’ll spray paint it on my hump!”  She says this because Blanche and Rose critique her fashion when she asks if she should wear the chain or the pearls.  This is a companion piece to the above picture of Blanche.


This is Dorothy telling the lady on the other phone that she “Won’t have a nice day!”  I believe it is at least.  This is the episode where they were trying to get to see Frank Sinatra.

Golden Girls is of course copyright and rights reserved, I only post these in parody.




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