Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 5

The first game in the Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) series came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System (otherwise known as the Family Computer or Famicom in Japan) in 1986, and got a North America port in 1989.  It was a stellar success in Japan, but was received a little less favorably in the western markets.  However, it’s still regarded as the great-grandfather of the console RPG genre.  I have written a review of the game, but decided that I’d do a Let’s Play Classics play through of the game.  This is episode 5, featuring the the fifth approximate hour of game play.  Below is the video:

I also continue in the next video to level up and gain some gold also around the area of Rimuldar:

We start out this episode standing outside of Kol on the other major continent in the game.  Our goal now?  We want to head through the marsh cave way south of Kol and head to the town of Rimuldar where we’ll check out the town and gain some levels and gold.  I was a bit curious and forgot what was to the west of Kol through that narrow strip of forest, so I walk up there and discover a cave.  I don’t enter it, and instead, continue down… but before I go further onward to Rimuldar, I stop by Tantagel Castle and town to rest and save.  Now it’s forward and back south on my quest to the town of Rimuldar.  I hear they sell magic keys there!

I’m not too afraid of the marsh before the bridging cave to the south as I was of the marsh before the Fighter Ring Cave because I’m level 11 as opposed to level 9.  I’m surprised I didn’t heal right after entering the cave, but oh well.  I won’t be outlining this cave in this post, as I come back to it later for another quest where I fully explore it.  At this time we just want to go straight down south and through the cave to the other side.  That’s how we get to Rimuldar.

Once we’re out of the cave, we’re in a new area of the game than we’ve been before.  At this time this also means new monsters, which I will outline in this post as part of the bestiary.  Here are some of the new monsters I encounter in the forests and such around Rimuldar in order of when I encountered them (not alphabetical),

Bestiary Part 4

Metal Scorpion

HP: 22

EXP: 14

Avg GOLD: 40

Special Attacks: None

Spells: None

Area: In the south around Rimuldar, other deserts

Description: The metal scorpion is basically another version of the scorpion…. he’s just made out of metal.  This means his defense is higher, but his attack is also higher.  If you’re at a low level this is very dangerous but at level 11, you should be fine.  The metal scorpion’s hit points aren’t too much higher though than say, the druin in the last episode, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble dispatching him.


HP: 34

EXP: 16

Avg GOLD: 50

Special Attacks: None

Spells: None

Area: In the south around Rimuldar

Description: The wolf isn’t particularly special.  It’s attack and defense power aren’t too impressive, but it does have more hit points than a Scorpion.  Despite this it’s only worth 2 more experience points than a metal scorpion.  Essentially a beat ’til senseless monster that gives okay experience.  Use this creature to level up and gain some gold while you’re around level 11.

Well, I’m low on hit points at this point, so we enter Rimuldar and explore the town.

There’s this blue woman wandering around, I wonder what she has to say?  She exclaims, “I have no tomatoes.  I have no tomatoes today.”  Okay.  Kinda reminds me of Maude, when she talks to the tomato salesman that comes by her door.  “I’ll take this top half and this top half…,”  classic Maude.  That’s the episode where she tries to obtain the marijuana I believe.  Anyways, as I wrote before, magic keys are around here somewhere, so that’s something we want to check out.

I stop at the inn and talk to the red guard there. He tells me, “You are Asher?  It has been long since last we met.”  Oh has it?  Who are you?  …  Ooookay.  So, I go into the other shop to the north and talk to that red guard, and he tells me, “The scales of the Dragonlord are as hard as steel.”  Hmmm… good to know.  More useful than that other guy.  At this weapon shop they’re selling a broad sword and magic armor.  I want these badly, but looks like I’ll have to gain some gold and experience to get them.

Finally, I set out to get some magic keys.  There’s a place in the corner of the town to the north west, but I have to walk around the town first.  It’s on the other side of the water!  So I proceed there to see if that’s where the magic keys are.  On the way there I see a blue guy in the corner.  What are you doing there?  “I am Orwick, and I am waiting for my girl friend.”  He waits a long time…  I wonder if his girlfriend lives in Canada?

Apparently in the video I’ve decided that I’m going to talk to others before I go to the magic key shop.  So I go talk to the guy to the north in front of the two, houses?  He asks me, “Art thou the descendent of Erdrick?  Hast thou any proof?”  Geez guys, come on.  So I enter the house on the right to talk to the friendly woman there, “Who art thou?  Leave at once or I will call my friends.”  Okay, not friendly woman.  So, as commanded, I leave.

Now I travel around the town into the magic key shop, past the man with the “girlfriend.”  If you walk around the town properly you’ll see the above.  Once inside the shop I discover I can buy magic keys (’cause normal keys just won’t do) for 53 gold.  This, I believe, is the cheapest place to get keys in the game (you can get keys at Tantagel Castle, but only after using a key to open the door, for 85 gold about.)  So, I take advantage of the sale and buy me some keys… okay, I buy two keys.  I’m not sure why I don’t buy more, but there it is.  I work my way back around the town creek and back into town to explore it further.

Back in town I do pick up a good clue from the standard guard in the center of town: “Thou shalt find the Stones of Sunlight in Tantegel Castle, if thou has not found them yet.”  Excellent!  Now I know where I can go to find them.  The man south of the standard guard is apparently the town greeter.  He tells me, “Welcome to the town of Rimuldar.”  Uh, thanks.

I’m not sure what the red guard behind the inn would say if I didn’t have the Fighter’s Ring, but since I do have the Fighter’s Ring he asks me, “Is that a wedding ring? Thou seems too young to be married.”  I wonder how old I am in this game?  Traditionally, being an JRPG, I’d be like thirteen, but I suspect I’m much older in this game.  It never really comes up, huh.

Let’s talk to the old, hopefully learned and wise, man in the small clearing to the west of town.  He has this to say, and it’s very important: “Over the western part of this island Erdrick created a rainbow.  ‘Tis also said that he entered the darkness from a hidden entrance in the room of the Dragonlord.”  These are incredibly important clues as to how to win the game and defeat the Dragonlord, so don’t forget them!

Finally I enter the building to the south west and talk to the people inside.  The first guy inside tells us, “Heed my warning!  Travel not to the south for there the monsters are fierce and terrible.”  Okay, will note that.  Although, in a later episode we do have to travel south for a particular wise man visit.  For now though, we’ll stick around Rimuldar and fight the “new” monsters there to gain some experience and gold.

The next man in the building, a red guard, asks me, “In this world is there any sword that can pierce the scales of the Dragonlord?”  This is another clue, and it’s important as well.  It turns out we’re going to want to get a special sword in order to fight the Dragonlord.  We’ll see this in a later episode, and someone in Cantlin, a later town, tells us some more information on a sword left behind by our alleged ancestor Erdrick.  The woman hiding in the corner just tells us that, “Before long the enemy will arrive.”  I kind of imagine her as this crazy old lady toddling around in the corner going, “They’re coming, they’re coming!”  Ah well.

The old man behind the counter asks us if we have found a magic temple, seeing as how this is a magic place.  If we say no, he tells us to go to the south… exactly where that other guy told us not to go!  We’ll level up some before we go down there, but it is inevitable.  If we say yes, he tells us another important clue that ties into the ability to get to the Dragonlord’s castle.  He tells us that, “In this temple do the sun and rain meet.”  Well, we need to get the Stones of Sunlight, as we’ve been told.  And I’m thinking that somewhere there’s going to be a Staff of Rain.  I would think from these lines that these two items are the “sun and the rain.”  We’ll get these later.

I use a magic key in the inn so I can gain access to the old wise man.  What clues does he have to tell me?  He says, “Good day, I am Howard.  Four steps south of the bath in Kol thou shalt find a magic item.”  Aha!  We already got this item, the Fairy Flute, but here’s the clue that would’ve told us to get it.  Alright, we did it out of order, but here’s the clue we would’ve been looking for.  Apparently I don’t bother to get the treasure chest in the inn, so I don’t know what’s inside here.

Now it’s time I go out and gain some experience and gold.  I do run into a few more monsters that I haven’t catalogued yet.  We have covered the warlock, and the skeleton, so they’re not new.  But we do run into a goldman, a wolflord, a wraith, a starwyvern, and a knight.  So we’re back at…

Bestiary Part 4 Continued


HP: 50

EXP: 6

Avg GOLD: 200

Special Attacks: None

Spells: None

Area: In the south around Rimuldar, also around Hauskness

Description: This creature has a great return on investment in terms of gold, but really leaves experience for want.  The goldman is possibly made out of stone or metal or something, and because of this presumably he has a powerful attack.  On top of that he has a powerful defense.  However, since he has no special attacks or spells, he’s not too dangerous and a high enough level.  Personally, I’m always looking for experience rather than gold, so I found this guy not very useful.


HP: 38

EXP: 20

Avg GOLD: 80

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Stopspell

Area: In the south around Rimuldar, also in later dungeons I believe

Description: The high number of hit points of the wolflord makes this monster a catious battle.  However, the nice thing is that he can cast Stopspell.  Why is that a nice thing? Well he tries to cast it, and whether it does or doesn’t connect it takes a turn where you can then in essence hit him twice. If you’re concerned about the not being able to cast heal, or want an extra turn cast Stopspell yourself as the first action in the battle.  This doesn’t stop the wolflord, or other later foes, from attempting to still cast Stopspell, so you get an extra turn.  Just make sure you stay healed before you can’t cast it.


HP: 36

EXP: 17

Avg GOLD: 60

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Heal

Area: In the south around Rimuldar (rare), but further around Hauksness in the desert

Description: The wraith is basically a skeleton with a heal spell.  He also has a more powerful attack and defense, and of course, more hit points.  The big part of this monster is his ability to cast Heal.  It’s important that you cast Stopspell when you encounter him so that he is unable to heal himself, or else the battle will be so drawn out his attack power will whittle away your hit points.  At lower levels, such as even level 11, this can be a precarious battle.  Proceed with caution!


HP: 65

EXP: 43

Avg GOLD: 160

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Sleep and Healmore

Area: Near the Dragonlord’s castle, even before the Rainbow Bridge

Description: When I encountered this enemy at level 12 I was unprepared.  I actually had to run!  So, stay away from where we’ll be building the rainbow bridge later to Charlock Castle, or else you’ll run into him hunting around Rimuldar.  This enemy is a powerful punch, because he can not only put you to sleep and pound on you, but he can heal himself a lot with Healmore.  You ned to kill him quickly, and be sure to always attempt to cast Stopspell very first thing in battle.  If you are successful, the battle isn’t too hard because he’ll still try to cast spells unsuccessfully, giving you more time.


HP: 55

EXP: 33

Avg GOLD: 130

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Stopspell

Area: Near the Dragonlord’s castle, even before the Rainbow Bridge and later dungeons

Description: This was a precarious enemy at level 13 around Rimuldar.  He is able to use Stopspell, which you can actually take to your advantage, much like the wolflord.  If you can get your own Stopspell to apply to him, even better because then he’ll waste rounds trying to cast Stopspell itself.  The general tactic to this guy?  Make sure you have enough HP (a handy herb isn’t a bad idea) and just whack at him.  He’ll go down quickly enough, though it may take a few more turns than other enemies at first.

After I gather enough gold I do buy the magic plate:

As you can see I had to raise 7700 gold, and here I have 7803.  After that, I go back to Tantegel Castle and save, so that I can adventure another day…

This post is part of a series known as “Let’s Play Classics” focusing on the Dragon Quest series.

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photo credit: 2ndPeter Eastern Coachwhip (Coluber flagellum flagellum) via photopin (license)

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