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This is a “sequel” to Clock Tower for the Playstation, it is also for the Playstation 1.  I put “sequel” in quotes because the game is not really an extension to the original two previous games (being “Clock Tower” for the SNES and PS1).  It uses one of the names from the PS1 game, Maxwell, but beyond that it simply duplicates the format of the two previous games with a little bit of an added twist.  This time around the game is not directed by Hifumi Kohno, which is kind of a shame because I think it shows.  It’s flavor of mimicking a horror movie seems to have weakened a bit, and as well, some elements were added to give the game a little bit of a “twist.”  These include the multiple personalities, or dual states, that the protagonist can be in.  Some parts of the game can only be progressed through if you change into the other state.  As well, partly because I think Resident Evil introduced shooting zombies, this game seemed to think it needed to shoot zombies too so there are weapons in addition.  Honestly, shooting zombies with these controls (point and click) as opposed to the tank controls of the original Resident Evil is preferable, and I actually like that you can shoot some of your enemies now to be rid of them.

This game suffers from tedium.  A lot of tedium, being that in the final scenario I had to backtrack to the freakin’ fire extinguisher at least eight times to be rid of zombies I found throughout the level.  It gets kind of old… kinda fast.  But, I persevered and got all the endings.  There’s a reason that this game wasn’t as well received as the PS1 Clock Tower, and that’s because it just lacks a certain level of charm.  I don’t know if it’s that the graphics seem sterile, and dated, or really if it’s the convoluted and confusing storyline.  In my opinion there’s too many things going on in this game, from killer “ghosts” (that aren’t really ghosts), to spirit possessions that turn out to be hallucinations, and on top of it a seemingly random maniacal psychopath.  It’s like a bunch of japanese guys got together, all had different ideas for a horror game, and put them all together into one thing.  Ah well, that’s okay, I still enjoyed the creepiness and format of the game.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within, otherwise known as Clock Tower: Ghost Head in Japan, was released in the US in October of 1999.  It features one main character, named Alyssa, who for some reason is sent to live with her Uncle Philip.  Alyssa is 17 and “suffers,” you could say, from multiple personality disorder of some kind where she is taken over by a male personality known as Mr. Bates.  It’s a bit cheesy, but the game actually causes a purple glow to hang around you when you “change” into Mr. Bates, as if there is something supernatural about it.  And that’s part of the strangeness of Clock Tower II, is it supernatural, or not?  It’s never really explained, as explanations are given for various supernatural occurrences that relate them to not supernatural causes (see the guide).  For instance, the statue is regarded as “possessed” by Alyssa when she examines it in the Tate’s home (and we think it is, after all it’s glowing as well and zaps her), but in the end… the statue simply has a bacteria on it.  Whaaaat?

There are several characters and items in Clock Tower II that I can cover, and actually I’m going to start with the guide that unlocks after you get the final A rank ending.  Below is the video showing the guide being accessed:

I outline here what is covered in the guide along with accompanying captured graphics.  Afterwards I include the hints that I was able to gather throughout the game.  WARNING!  SPOILERS AHEAD!  If you don’t want the game “ruined” I recommend you play through and get the “A” rank ending first before you read this list.

Alyssa Hale

A young girl Allen Hale dug up from the Maxwell Family grave to cause the ruin of George Maxwell.  Her real name is Lynn Maxwell.

Her father, the director of a major hospital, was not home much, so Alyssa spent much of her childhood alone and she grew up to become a very quiet girl.

When she was still quite young, her father gave her a charm which she called “Amulet.”  She carried it with her always and it became a source of power.

She has a gloomy disposition.  Possessed with spiritual intuition, she wants to link everything to otherworldly phenomena.


Alyssa Hale’s male alter ego.  The Maxwells, fearing that their twins were the “Cursed Children” born yet again, buried them alive in the family grave just after they were born, as was done in past generations.

Bates is cruel, unjust, and heartless, yet kind to Alyssa, which might be a simple defense instinct.

Any actual significance or reason to his existence is unknown.

Allen Hale

Alyssa’s guardian father, but actually Shannon Lewis is his true daughter.  Hale at one time worked with Philip Tate at Memorial Pharmaceuticals Research Lab.

Hale was amon the top technicians at the lab until the science genius George Maxwell appeared and ousted him from his position.

Consequently, he conspired with Philip Tate to dig up Maxwell’s illegitimate child from the grave.  The plan was to cause the ruin of George Maxwell, but instead of using Alyssa, he exacted his revenge by infecting a golden statue with a toxin that would cause anyone who touched the statue to go raving mad.

Philip Tate

The director of the Memorial Pharmaceuticals Research Lab.  Although a coward willing to even commit crime if it would help him reach his ambitions, Tate digs up the Maxwell grave at Hale’s urging.

Hale told Tate that the statue contained the Maxwell Family secret.  He fully believed the Maxwell Curse, and he kept the statue hidden in a closet for 16 years without noticing the toxin hidden inside.

Kathryn Tate

Philip Tate’s wife.

She has no particular role, but she is the one who contacts the detective who takes Alyssa to the hospital.

Michael Tate

The eldest son in the Tate Family and about to enter high school.

While trying to escape from Stephanie who has become a murderous zombie, he climbs inside a suit of samurai armor.

While in the armor, he, too, goes crazy from the toxin and himself becomes a wandering, murderous zombie.

Ashley Tate

A first year middle school student.

While coming home from school she is infected with the Cerebral Toxin by George Maxwell and becomes a living corpse. (Asher: What? This doesn’t make sense.)

After returning home, she attacks her mother, Kathryn, and is then killed by her father, Philip, but her right arm which was injected with the toxin continues to live.

A very unlucky girl.

Stephanie Tate

A first grader and the younger daughter of the Tate’s who becomes a murderous zombie after she is infected with the toxin implanted in the golden statue by Allen Hale.

She ultimate returns to normal from a chemical reaction when she sees the statue burn before her eyes. (Asher- What? Again… no sense!)

In the end, the soul freed from Stephanie was merely a hallucination from the toxin that Alyssa saw; she was not possessed by anything.

Alex Corey

A cool, snobbish detective from the neighboring town of Prunedale.

He saves his reputation as a cool character by turning up at the end of the scenario.

Even the scenario writer doesn’t know what happens between Corey and Alyssa after everything is over.

Doug Bowman

A newspaper reporter with a strong sense of justice.

He, too, is relegated to playing a supporting role like Alex Corey, but his personality does not change.

He is open-hearted and straight-forward, but he is bad at dealing with dead-end situations.

He tends to make hasty decisions.

Henry Kaplan

The Director of Memorial Hospital.

Kaplan helps George Maxwell by providing him with patients for experiments.  This causes Memorial Hospital to have a bad reputation.

Jessica Cook

The Head Nurse of Memorial Hospital.

She investigates Kaplan’s activity on her own.

When she discover the Cerebral Toxin plan, there are already many zombies and she thinks it is too late to do anything about it so she tries to commit suicide.

She is an extremely overwrought, emotional woman.

Shannon Lewis

Daughter of Allen Hale.

When she was 8 years old, her parents divorced, and she was taken into custody by her mother, who died of illness a year later.

Shannon was raised by relatives.

Her hatred of her father, Allen Hale, builds, and when she sees him with Alyssa, she realizes she wants to exact revenge.

George Maxwell

Works at Memorial Pharmaceuticals Research Lab.

The eldest son of the noble Maxwell Family.  He has always had a reputation of being a genius, and rightfully so.

Allen Hale is jealous of him and plans the whole incident.

In 1982, George has a baby girl, Lynn, but believing her to be cursed, he buries her according to Maxwell tradition.

From then on he hatches his Cerebral Toxin plan, which, for him, is most likely revenge against all humanity.

He goes insane from the toxin implanted in the statue which was sent to him by Allen Hale.

He turns into a psychopathic killer and he is virtually dead.

Golden Statue

Allen Hale gives this statue to Philip Tate, saying that it possesses the Maxwell magic.

But in reality there is a toxin implanted in the statue which makes people go raving mad.

Allen Hale thinks that Philip saw Alyssa when he dug her up from the Maxwell grave so he plans to silence him with the infected statue. (Asher- According to the opening movie, this doesn’t make sense)

He hesitates to use Alyssa to ruin George Maxwell, so he sends the statue to George to make him go insane as well.

Maxwell Family History

Twin girls are rarely born into the Maxwell Family who, believing them to be cursed, have been burying them alive for the past hundred years.

It is unknown if the alter ego is the other twin’s spirit or if it is some ghost seeking revenge on the Maxwells. (Asher- Doesn’t quite make sense…)


A plain amulet given to Alyssa by Allen Hale (her guardian father) which she has kept since childhood.

It was most likely purchased at some shrine.

Alyssa is often emotionally unstable, possibly because she knows she has an alter ego.

Hale gave her the amulet to provide her stability and to help prevent Bates from appearing.

Cerebral Toxin

George Maxwell researched and developed this toxin.

When administered, it grows into a parasitic brain inside the human body, killing the true brain.

This causes the blood to turn yellow and the skin to turn green.

Unless the parasitic brain is destroyed, the body will continue to live, even if it is hacked to pieces.

That’s about it for the guide.  Here are the hints, and their locations, that I was able to obtain in the game:

  1. This hint is in scenario one, and is located on the washing machine in the bathroom (where you discover the abdomen in the tub.)  It reads, “Alyssa and Bates encounter different events.  If you find yourself unable to continue, first change personalities by putting down the amulet and then try again.”
  2. This hint is in scenario one, and is located in the kitchen sink (an optional room when it comes to the endings).  It reads, “There are some events that Alyssa can clear only when she has put down the amulet. Put down the amulet and try again.”
  3. This hint is in scenario one, and is located on the coffee table in the second story living room (the room with Uncle Philip in it.)  It reads, “After saving Aunt Kathryn from Stephanie, lock Stephanie in the bedroom.  Since one particular item has not been expended, you should be able to use it here.”  The item it is referring to is the Bedroom Key.
  4. Some hints are dependent on what ending rank you’re going for as the game has detected it so far.  This hint will only appear if you are doing such things as talking to Philip as Bates or otherwise working towards a low rank ending.  It’s location is in scenario one on the books in the first floor hallway (the one towards the den).  It reads, “When confronting Stephanie in front of the fireplace, drop the amulet.  Be sure to pick it up again.”  I found this odd, because the amulet is dropped no matter what?
  5. This hint is in scenario two, “Noisy Monsters Cage”, and is located on a nightstand by one of the beds in room 102.  It reads, “If you do not see all of the events in ‘Noisy Monsters Cage’ you will not be able to escape from the hospital.”
  6. This hint is in scenario two and is located on a bookshelf in the Director’s Office (the one where you find Kaplan I believe).  It reads, “Head Nurse Cook and Reporter Bowman appear in ‘Noisy Monster Cage.’  But they also appear in ‘The Fathers.'”
  7. This hint is somewhat wrong actually.  It is located in scenario three, on a computer in the room with the anti-crime device you put a key in (on the wall.)  It reads, “The armored samurai will sometimes move, while other times he will not.  Whether he moves or not plays a major factor in determining the ending.”  The reality is the samurai will move if you look at it.  You can force a particular ending this way, and really the only ending where the samurai doesn’t move is ending rank G which we’ll cover in another post.
  8. This hint can only be obtained if you are Bates, so be sure to get it near the end of the game sometime as Bates.  It’s located in the room where you first see Maxwell come through the door in the third scenario.  It’s on the back right computer, but like I said, it only appears if you’re Bates.  It reads, “Sorry, no hints this time!  Help Alyssa as best you can!” Well, that was useful.

And those are all the guide posts and hints that are available in the game.  I hope this was helpful in some way.

Stay tuned for an outline of the endings you can achieve in Clock Tower II, with a special post about the G ending (since it’s so different.)

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