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I’m thinking that I’m going to focus on writing tutorials for philosophy, mathematics, computer science, electronics, Japanese, and consciousness studies.  That’s what I’ll be producing for Patreon mainly.  I hope somebody can find these useful.

I wrote the rest of this post a while back, and it still holds today, but I’ve had time to reflect.  I think tutorials will do it, and that’s my primary focus.

I know that Patreon isn’t exactly used this way, but I’ve decided I’d open a Patreon account for my pursuits.  These last few days (as of this writing, which is mid-february 2016, as this may be published a couple months from now) I’ve been reflecting on what I want to do with my life, and how I can feel like I’m doing something worthwhile and stable.  Maus started a conversation between me and Aly that got me talking to her about what I want to do with my life.  We talked about having ‘life coolness’.  She totally understood what that was, which I had to explain to Maus.  I had to explain it to Maus because he already knows he’s awesome, whereas Aly and me thinks the other is awesome, but we don’t really know it ourselves.

I’ve been thinking about what’s in my life, and what isn’t in my life, and the choices I’ve made to make it that way.  I currently don’t have a job because of my disability, and unfortunately, I don’t see a traditional job materializing with any stability in my life any time soon.  But that’s okay, because, I can work for myself.  I’ve done it before!  I was a programming contractor for a while, and that went okay, but I eventually stopped when the money wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be and I wasn’t interested in doing it anymore.

What I mean by this is that if left to my own devices, I end up creating and doing stuff all by myself.  When I do that it can be on my own schedule, and I can foster it and grow it as I see fit.  I know Patreon isn’t really built to support a guy with ALL his pursuits, and instead more for a particular project like a computer game, a book, or a series of artwork.  But, I’m unconventional (but not a special snowflake), and I’ve set it up so that you can support any particular project you like by simply supporting me over all.  Imagine it more as a catch-all, if you like Poochie, support that, if you like tutorials, support that.  It all goes to the same place.

This of course means that I have to make a commitment.  Which is a good thing.  It’s a commitment on my own terms, so I can be held accountable and not just let go of things and wander totally randomly.  This means that I’ll have to actually produce Poochie Cures Cancer content on a pretty regular basis if I want to keep Poochie Cures Cancer supporters.  I’ll have to produce collages on a pretty regular basis if I want to keep art patrons, and I’ll have to produce programming for the tech heads.  In essence, I will simply have to produce.

It’s funny when you have ‘no choice.’  Part of the inspiration for this to me was my classes actually.  When I have to do something, like for a class, I am able to do it.  I have created works of art that without commitment and a deadline I would have not created.  And now one of them is hanging in a gallery!

When I’m pushed by some outside force, it’s easier for me to do things sometimes.  I have a friend who has a friend who has a friend who’s lamented that they just want somebody to do things with so that they’ll do them.  The problem with that is that you’re waiting for someone else to push you, putting the responsibility on someone else.  With this mechanism, I’m able to put the responsibility back on myself, but give an avenue for others to push me as well.

Maus says my creations are worthwhile, and I don’t know if I ever believe him.  So, I guess we’ll see if they’re worth anything to anyone.

Hopefully this will give me a certain sense of focus on my life, something to commit myself to and sit down and say, “This is something I do worth something.”  It’ll help me in the evenings when I feel like I haven’t done anything.  It’ll help me not waste time away because, “What else am I supposed to do?”  It’ll also give my blog a purpose beyond just detailing every day of my life for no apparently good reason.  I’ve noticed that the two most visited posts on my blog are “Essay on Benevolence” and “GoDaddy SpamAssassin Resolutions”.  These are posts about something in particular (actually if you search for “essay on benevolence” on google, my result is first. I guess I wrote THEE essay on it!), something potentially useful.  I want more posts like that.

Life posts are fun and all, I mean, I like my Tomodachi Life and my little animal friends in their little virtual world, and I’ll still post some stuff about those as I find myself getting back into it.  I think it’d be really interesting if I could make friends on the internet be in my Tomodachi Life.  That would be fun!

In the mean time, I’m hoping this will be something that can be possible.  I do so many different things that I couldn’t really pick one effectively on Patreon, and I don’t believe they allow you to have multiple accounts.  Besides, I think in this way, it’s a lot more fun.

So yes, I have launched my patreon page.  The link can be found on the right under in my gravatar profile.  Click here to go there directly.

See ya!

photo credit: marchorowitz The Advice of Strangers (video still) via photopin (license)


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