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I ended last weeks food with a recap.  Two days ago I went and got ingredients for all my Christmas party cooking / baking.  We went to the King Soopers we usually go to, and of course, I had everything on my list laid out in the order we would walk.

As Captain put it once, because I’m awesome like that.

But before I get too heavy into that, I do want to say that I made the fish with dill and lemon, but like when I announced the dishes, I don’t have a picture of it.  This is actually a super super easy dish to make, and I guess since it was practically zero drama, I just didn’t remember to take a picture.  I even made this dish AFTER we went and got all the ingredients which is pretty cool because I don’t like making food late.

You pretty much get some mustard, some oil, lemon juice, and dill and blend it all together.  Spread that on white fish fillets (any white fish fillet will do) and then bake it for like 15 minutes.  Presto!  Fish with dill and lemon.  It’s easier to make than Manwich in my opinion.

Weird thing happened.  We lost our heavy-duty can opener.  How does a can opener walk off in a small apartment?  I mean, where would you use it other than the kitchen?  It just, poofed, gone!  So I bought a new can-opener from The Cupboard downtown (a two block walk).  I found the “American Can Opener”:


I didn’t catch it, but you should see the handle on the back, it’s huge!

Let us list the dishes I planned to make for this little Christmas party (just me, Maus, and Captain).  First I needed a main dish so I decided on some large (Cape Cod) meatballs:

This is how they’re supposed to look and how they looked.  How they are supposed to look is on the left, mine are on the right.

Pretty close no?  I made large meatballs, but I didn’t really quite understand how large they were until I was eating them.  Maus had said, “I thought you were going to put noodles with the meatballs…” and I replied that I didn’t think they needed noodles, that they could stand on their own.

Captain took the first bites of meatballs and agreed that they could stand on their own.  Then I started to eat one and I was like, “Holy crap, these meatballs are huge!”  Either way though, they turned out tasty and good.  If you check the recipe you’ll see that it not only uses ketchup, but also jellied cranberry sauce.  I know those might sound sick, but heated together they’re good!

I decided I needed some kind of side dish as well.  I really loved the sweet potato casserole (with marshmallows) that my mother and Captain make, so I opted for a sweet potato dish.  I made Brandy Candied Sweet Potatoes.  This is what they’re supposed to look like:


I unfortunately didn’t get a solo shot of them made by me, but I did get a shot of what they looked like being made:


When they were just made they tasted AMAZING.  You could get all the subtle flavor of the glaze with the mushy sweet potatoes.  After they sat for a while though, and their flavor settled a bit, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t make out the brandy as easily.  I felt a bit of their texture was gone.  But that’s okay, they tasted grrrrr-eat!

I have a picture of them on the left in the final shot below.

The last thing I made was something Maus calls “Three Kings Bread.”  This was quite the dish, coming from the fancy schmancy Food Network.  It’s a traditional dish the this family / mother would make for Christmas in Ecuador.  Allegedly it’s really difficult, but I didn’t really find it that difficult.  This was my first yeast rising bread from scratch, and I thought it turned out okay.  I just put all the semi-dry ingredients together:


Three King’s Bread is actually a ‘fruit-cake’ bread.  It has candied lemon peel, orange peel, and candied cherries in it.  I actually chopped the cherries up, but the rest was in ‘fruit cake mix’.  I wanted to get really candied orange peels and lemon peels, but we couldn’t find them, and we didn’t have time to make them ourselves.

Eventually my kitchen looked like this:


Not too bad!  Anyways, I heated and made the milk mixture, and then did the fast rising yeast.  It was a little weird, because, I wasn’t exactly sure what it should like.  The finished aspect of the yeast in warm water looks very very similar to the yeast when first mixed in with the warm water in my opinion.

However, it was okay.  I was able to mix the bowl with my hands until it formed a big glutinous ball.  Then I kneaded it on my counter with some flower.  I wasn’t really sure if I needed to flour my hands before I mixed it, because it stuck a LOT to my fingers when I was mixing it, but I had flour when I kneaded it.

Then it rose, and I took it out and made a ring:

I posted one of those to instagram.  The time had come to bake it!  I stuck it in the oven, hoping that there wouldn’t be some kind of weird high altitude issue (though this altitude is much much different than when I lived up in Handyville. Mile-high doesn’t begin to describe it).  So, then I cleaned up the kitchen some, and eventually the timer went off and out came:


It’s perfect!  A little dense inside, but totally edible.

So we had a ‘Christmas Party’ with Captain with all our yummy food.  As you can see below it was a success food wise:


So what did we do?  Well, what any self-respecting Asher would do.  We watched soft-core porn!

There’s this funny B-movie soft-core porn musical, yes musical, called Fairy Tales.  I can’t remember exactly where I got it from, I think I got it through the mail, when I was 15 or 16.  Around 16 – 17, when I had my wisdom teeth taken out, I was bed bound for three days.  So, I told my mother to put on a  tape in my room… adopted brother had already gotten better so he was at the computer.  I requested, Fairy Tales, and I’ve never regretted my decision:


This is not a movie for the kiddies.  There’s plenty of full frontal female nudity.  That’s not the best part, the best part is the songs!  They are so funny!  Yes, it’s a musical, which makes it all sorts of funny.  The thing is, for being a soft-core porn, it’s world and characters are surprisingly with motivation and depth.  In fact, several of the actors went on to be successful TV actors.

One exception though was Martha and Vandellas, they got Martha to play a part where she sings a song in a cauldron to the prince.  Rumor goes they didn’t really tell her what kind of movie it was, so she brought her church group to go see her in the movie.  Wow!  No.

Anyways, we received a gift from Captain which was very very cool.  And then we watched an episode of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  From there, the party ended.  Kaput.

photo credit: Santa visits Europe District 2013 via photopin (license)


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