Flower Town!

I discovered I can take screenshots of my gardens in Flower Town. It’s a Mii StreetPass Plaza game. Essentially what you do is you walk around with you 3DS in sleep mode (closed) and it will communicate with other consoles being carried around that have StreetPass enabled. So, you get ‘visitors’ (other people’s Miis) That’s pretty neat in and of itself, but the really fun part is that you get to play games with them. And, you can meet the same Mii more than once, usually resulting in increased powers in games such as Find Mii (which I beat). It’s interesting to see who I meet when I go places. The other neat thing is that you can earn Play Coins by walking around with your 3DS. These Nintendo guys think of everything! You can then use the play coins to advance in the little games in the plaza. I have met about 293 people, 220 of them being unique. That’s a lot of people!

My most favorite game is the simple puzzle collection game. Basically you can get tile pieces from visiting Miis and add them to your tile collection in order to complete full puzzle boards. So far I got Mario Galaxy, Bowser, Metroid, and Pikmen. I have about 700 pieces out of 1500. My second favorite game so far is Flower Town.

Nintendo is a very good game developer. Each game is really it’s own little world with all sorts of mechanics and things to do. I got Flower Town a little later after I purchased the 3DS, so I’m not as far in it as I am with the puzzle game. In Flower Town you grow flowers, but as you progress through the game you can get money, pots, plots, seeds, and such. You garden with guests (StreetPass Miis) and they come and help your current flower grow. When it’s bloomed they also share seeds resulting from the mating of their flower with yours. These seeds have a chance to grow into new breeds, or as different colors. If you grow twenty different flower breeds you are a Master Gardener. So you grow these flowers with other people, and then when they’re grown you put them into your garden. I have two garden plots that look like such:


This is my first garden, so its the most complete. As you can see I generally aim for new breeds over new colors. Although, that makes it a little more difficult to complete jobs at the Shop downtown. Each breed can help you complete a job in town, and also brings new seeds. Here’s the garden I’ve been working on:


I just grew a new breed today from a 100% new breed possible seed. A Rivergrace I believe. I wonder what kind of jobs I might be able to fulfill with that at the Flower Power shop.

The other games that are okay, but I’m not head over heels for are Warrior’s Way, and Monster Mansion. In Monster Mansion you piece together each floor of a tower using the colors of the Miis that you encounter. The more of the same color the more treasure chests you get and so on. It’s kind of a funky little game that features real time battles, which is neat. They are JRPG like, but you have to manage it in real time. You get little chargey batteries that refill but limit what you can do in a short period of time, and defending drains the batteries. You have to time your attacks and your defends so that the enemy doesn’t successfully hit you, but you successfully hit it. Add on top of that chargeable weapons, counter-attacks, and combos, and you’ve got an interesting battle system. Of course, I’m a bit partial to JRPG battle mechanics.

The other is Warrior’s Way. I’m not a huge fan of this title because it doesn’t work that well. In it you try to conquer a path of countries in order to rule the world. You do so by playing a modified and more complex version of paper rock scissors, weighted with the number of people in your army. To get more people in your army, you either conquer more countries, or you meet other Miis. When you meet other Miis they either immediately merge their army numbers with yours, or they are a “monarch from afar”. You can fight the monarch to also possibly gain troops. The problem is that the people who aren’t monarchs usually have very little armies to merge, and the monarchs have a LOT of people in their armies. SO, you kind of get into this slump of slowly increasing your numbers through the little armies of people who don’t really play before you can battle a monarch from afar. Kinda dinky.

Anyways, my Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.

photo credit: ~Dwell 宿り~ Water lily 睡蓮 大阪市立大学植物園 via photopin (license)


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