Finishing Geometry

I finished my geometry book today! Now my next book is Grain Brain, so I can learn how carbs are ruining my mental health. My brother Asa recommended that one.

I know how to do all sorts of strange things, like tell the width of a chasm with three people and a plank, or the height of a telephone pole with a mirror. I have mental super powers! Maybe, if I get rid of my grain brain… the results could be frightening.

I played Animal Crossing: New Leaf today, pretty cute. Same standard game as Wild World, but much cooler in set up and presentation.

Maus was talking about Social Justice Warriors on Facebook, and had one of his student colleagues go on about how social justice has merit. Somebody told me that Social Justice Warrior is a broad term, with only a minority being crazy… but I’m sorry if you’re calling yourself a “warrior” you’re putting yourself into that “minority”. In my opinion, Social Justice just seems like the 21st century version of original sin. You can’t judge people for what they can’t be, only what they are.

In other news, we’ve been working through the Golden Girls… again. I’ve been playing Ni No Kuni too. In terms of Japanese, Maus and I have successfully tamed Hiragana and Katakana. We can phonetically read both syllabaries. Now… we cover basic grammar and some Kanji. I’m particular excited about the Kanji.

My car needs a check up, it’s growling again. In other news, we were going to buy a Wonder Woman cookie jar from Ace Hardware, but it was too expensive. $55 for a cookie jar? Mmm… no. So we just got a glass jar. I’ve cleaned up the whole apartment, and it’s strangely satisfying keeping it that way. I think returning to reality after such a frustrating project has been a good thing.

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