Finished Art Project

I finished my art project I wrote about earlier.  Right on time, it’s due tomorrow.  Anyways, like I wrote before it’s about growth and decay… this is about the growth of moving into a new place, the reality, and the memory of an apartment.  Here below:


Here are some closeups of the piece, as it’s so large.





So there you go.  This is inspired by a neighbor moving out of and into the apartment across the hall.  I’ve moved a lot, as I’ve written about before, and each move was an interesting experience.  Until I got to the apartment I’m living in now in Old Town Fort Collins I never really felt like any of my apartments or townhouse were really a home to me.  They always seemed to turn into just husks of places I ended up staying at where everything degraded into nothing.

So that’s the guy in the middle, the reality of our lives filtering back into wherever we live.  But, sometimes, a move can introduce a new way to deal, a new tool in your arsenal.  And then… you get better 🙂


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