Excel Saga Party!

Last Sunday, Maus and I held an Excel Saga viewing with one of our female opera friends.  Excel Saga is hard to describe, it kind of needs to be experienced.  Make sure you watch it with English dubbing.  It’s a humorous anime about this crazy girl named Excel Excel who is helping Lord Ilpallazo take over the city of F.  It makes fun of many anime troped and scenes.  It’s pretty funny, in my opinion.  Here’s the box (amazon):


It was fun.  I made homemade dip, and a homemade “Sunrise Cherry Pie”.  It consisted of heavy cream with some sugar folded into a beautiful cream cheese cherry pie mixed with pineapples.  It was wonderful.  I got it from my “seventies housewife” cookbook (just a thrift store cookbook from the early eighties).  The coffee table looked thusly:


That’s a lot of dip! (A pie mold full).

The roll of cheese you see there is Honey Chevre, this time from Trader Joe’s, but in the future it will be from the Welsh Rabbit downtown.  I think their quality is much higher than store bought Trader Joe’s.  I went to Trader Joe’s once, and I wasn’t impressed, it’s not like a normal grocery store.

We watched the first disc of the series, which included the Love Puny episode.  I think that’s one of the best episodes as it mixes real life events with a game and such.

photo credit: IMG_8790 via photopin (license)


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