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Well, I’m looking at this week’s dishes again.  I know that last time the week lasted longer than the week, and this may be the same way.  Sometimes cooking for two is a little hard because they’re always always left overs.  Which is okay, but at the same time you better be prepared to like left overs to a certain degree.

The shrimp is still frozen, and it’s still good.  One of the dishes I didn’t get around to last time was the Shrimp Scampi.  It’s basically shrimp with garlic and butter.  It’s been made 2000 times on AllRecipes, so I think it’ll be pretty good:


You can never have too much butter right?  I’m wondering if maybe I should try experimenting with using Ghee, as I have some Ghee, but I don’t know if I have a cup worth of Ghee.  I was using Ghee more on recipes when I was strictly following the diet I was on (and eating little to zero sugar), but I haven’t used it in a while.  I got a LOT of butter left over from various things.  A LOT of butter.  So I’ll probably use the real butter until I get low on that first.  I understand you can make your own Ghee, but I don’t know if its completely worth it though.

I was interested in making the Salsa Chicken, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible last time.  I forgot to freeze the chicken, and well, it didn’t quite turn out right.  So, we’re going to have Salsa Chicken:


The thing about the salsa chicken is that it says to make it in a baking dish.  I think even a deep baking dish.  Does that mean a square cornware dish with the chicken kind of covered by the salsa?  Or does that mean a baking sheet where the salsa would rest on top of the chicken?  I think it means a cornware dish, as the last recipe I simply stuck on a baking dish was the sweet and sour chicken and I had to fenagle it around to make it work right.

Then of course there’s always the staple meatloaf in our house.  This meatloaf recipe looks interesting.  I many times make a “meatloaf tropicale” that has bananas in it with a bacon orange marmalade topping.  It’s pretty good, and very different.  I’m always interested in a good meatloaf recipe.  So, when I saw this Glazed Meatloaf, it piqued my interest:


The thing I’m looking forward to on this meatloaf is the interesting mixture of lemon juice, bouillon, and ketchup.  I think it’ll create an interesting, and different than usual, meatloaf body.  Ketchup in a glaze is always good of course.  I love meatloaf.  Unfortunately the lumbering giant does not, and after not liking it one day, we never had it again.  But, in my house, we like meatloaf so it’s here to stay.

I have a lot of vegetables left over from the tangine I made, so I’m thinking that we’ll probably focus on those rather than make a new vegetable dish right away.  I actually don’t really know what a tangine is.  I was hoping, when I told it to Hurricane, she’d know, but she didn’t know either.  So, a tangine is what I made, we’ll call it that.  I wonder what ethnicity it is from.

We still have a little of the sweet potatoes left over from our Christmas party!  Good thing our refrigerator is pretty good at preserving stuff.

I was interested in having some special drinks, and maybe a little dessert-y stuff this week so I gathered up some drink recipes I found interesting.

I like fruity things, so things that have a sweet fruity, chocolatey, or coffee taste are of particular interest to me.

This was an interesting drink, a hot ginger drink much like apple cider for the holidays.  I don’t know if I’d put that much brown sugar in it (when I make food for myself I try to limit the sugar to a relatively low amount).  I’ll see what it’s like for New Years Eve.


I was also interested in this Pumpkin Smoothie.  It looks like a possibly healthier alternative to the Pumpkin Cheesecake milkshake at Arby’s.  The recipe only calls for cinnamon, but I’m thinking that it’ll taste better with a pumpkin pie spice mix.


It also says that I have to freeze the pumpkin mixture and then soften it a bit in the microwave before making.  I was thinking of maybe not freezing it and see how that goes, but the more I think about it and how it might lie in the blender, that doesn’t seem like a good idea.  It has sugar too.  I’m thinking that these might be the sweet thing for this week.

So there you go, some ideas for the ensuing week in terms of food.  As always, everything posted here is also available on my Pinterest board.  Go have a look for the ingredients!

photo credit: fresh carrots via photopin (license)


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