I have to go to the dentist today.

This morning I bit down on an m&m and the back part of my front tooth came off. Now I just have a little ridge.

My friend Roger from Starbucks talked to me today. Apparently people with dissenting on global warming are not so smart, heehee, ah well.

This weekend I stood in line for nine hours to see Neil Gaiman. I’ve never stood in a line that large and that long in my life! Maus, Shannon, and I kept ourselves entertained with performance stories and, of course, Poochie Cures Cancer.

I was telling the person I usually get my medication from each morning about Poochie Cures Cancer and she thought it was ridiculously hilarious. I get caught up sometimes in a couple hang ups about the whole project I end up not writing it. Well, no more. Now that my new job is writing/designing games I will work on this beast.

Anyways, yeah, I’m taking an art class, not sure if I said that. I’ve done some more homework, so I’ll post the pics up of that later.

photo credit: SilviaAtWork via photopin (license)


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