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Maus now works at a company with a lot of people at it.  Almost all of them are women in Maus’ team, but there are a lot of people.  I joke with him that he is now part of Corporate America, but it’s all good.  As part of the holiday season his company hosted a gathering in the Budweiser Event Center, also hosted by Budweiser, with free tickets to a hockey game.  Now, I’ve never been to a hockey game (never really had the inclination) so I was interested to see what it was like.  Maus told me his previous boyfriend Blackpaw had taken him to a Hockey game once, so he kind of knew how it was.  We parked, and approached the center:


There was a dinner first, which was really nice, it was under the seats in a way.  There were hamburgers, potato salad, and desserts.  Funny enough, I asked what they had on tap and the bar tender looked at me like, “Really?”  Obviously, only Budweiser, Lite to boot.  Blech!  But what was more interesting (besides the wonderful desserts, nom nom nom) was that we hung out with Maus’ supervisor.  It was interesting to me to see this person and interact with them.  She was an older lady, and I noticed that her and Maus were much more talkative, while her husband and me were more quiet.  We regaled her with stories from our lives, and unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of opportunity to learn more about her.  But…  I made sure I ate properly with my fork, I mean, proper manners right?

I met the Human Resources woman, but, I can’t remember her name… sorry.  Anyways, apparently Maus has really built up my baking skills to the ladies.  I was hoping that whatever I might bake will live up to their expectations, it’s a little stressful when you’ve been built up.  I told her about the Margarita Bundt Cake I made for Maus’ voice teacher the Enlightener.  She asked, “So the tequila and triple sec get baked out of the cake?”

I affirmed this, but I also said that the liquor was also in the frosting not baked out.  She determined that this would be illegal to serve in the office, BUT, she said “in all seriousness” that she’d give her address to Maus and that I should make and deliver a Margarita Bundt Cake to her.  If we can get her address, I just might actually do that!  Sometimes, you just have to take a step that you wouldn’t otherwise think of.  It’s kind of like that bum on the corner that had the sign “Bum on vacation, need beer!”  I ALMOST went out to the liquor store and got some beer to give it to him.  I really should’ve done it now that I look back on it, that would’ve been REALLY interesting.

Then it was time to go to the hockey game.  We traveled all around to get to our seats in section B.  There were people at the entrances that stopped people from entering as long as the game was in session.  I almost got stuck behind one while Maus made it through, so he waited for me.  They weren’t bad seats, we were pretty close to the action:


The thing I found entertaining about the hockey game wasn’t necessarily the hockey itself, although that was interesting too.  I could see how people could really become spectators of this sport, watching people battle each other and stuff.  I really don’t know anything about hockey, so that part of it was lost on me.  The thing I found entertaining was everything surrounding the hockey game.  There was a big screen, and loud music that would play once in a while.  There was also this guy that looked actually quite intimidating (angry all the time) that would dance and cheer, which sounds innocent enough, but you had to see this guy, and then throw shirts out to people.  I have no idea how he stored so many shirts on him, maybe he restocked?  I wonder if he was paid or if he was a fan.

The best mini-break music was when they played Du Hast from Rammstein (Du hast – Rammstein).  Nothing like the hard guitar ‘riffs'(?) echoing through the entire center.  I’m a Rammstein fan, as you can guess from some of my affiliate links to the side.

During the in-betweens there were little flying balloon drones sponsored by Otterbox and something else, some insurance company.  You could tell which pilot was the most experienced.  The insurance zephyr did loop-de-loops and everything, just staying out of reach of the crowd.  Pretty nifty!

The best thing was the battle for the ‘execucar’ (it makes me think of Manolito in Mafalda, always marking up everything as ‘ejective’).  That’s the car below.  What they did was dressed people up in these giant foam sumo suits and then position them in front of  a ball.  The idea was that they’d push the ball to the other side of the center to win the car, two out of three.  Obviously it was very hard to run in those suits and on the ice, and there was much falling over to much hilarity.  I caught that part on camera actually:



Unfortunately, I did not get a video of the procession, which I should’ve TOTALLY done.  Wow, I just thought about that, that would’ve been a perfect video!  Ah well.

After all the excitement between the period(s) the game once again commenced.  What was funny was that these total babes would come out and shovel excess ‘snow’ off the ice between ‘matches’.  They were dressed up very flashy and provocatively.  I leaned towards Maus and said, “I’m so triggered by this.”  He laughed.    I didn’t catch much else on camera either unfortunately.  I really should’ve stepped up the camera game man!  So the rest of the game played out normally:


The one thing I wondered about was the goalies.  They could make this T shape with their legs.  There were blocks on their legs so that they’d form kind of like a snow-plow that would block the puck.  I can’t imagine standing like that, I wonder if the equipment helps.  For whatever reason, that stuck with me.

Maus took a picture of us at the game (OMG a selfie!  Noooo!) and sent it off to our mutual friend.  It was a fun time, but I don’t know if I’d go to another hockey game on my own.

photo credit: 1920 Skates via photopin (license)


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