Christmas Snow and Lights

Maus and I went out to Starbucks.  Oh my god, really?  While we went to Starbucks we observed the fresh snow falling and took a few pictures, and a video (below).  The pictures turned out pretty good:

That day we were hoping to go see the Christmas lights at the light garden off in some other part of Fort Collins.  I guess  it’s sponsored by something or other, I never really paid attention.  I mean, how could you, there’s so many shinies!  One of the cool things we saw was lights under the snow.  These are lights covered up by perfectly pristine snow.  The effect is cool!


I thought they did some pretty clever things with the lights.  For instance, I really liked this grape vine made out of purple christmas lights:


There were some particular sculptures (the whole thing was a sculpture of flowers, gardens, lights, gables, etc.)  Here are a mantis and a dinosaur:

There were a lot of other lights and such, including flowers, which I particularly enjoyed:

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The rest of the photos were also pretty neat:

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But… there was someone there.  She was there…  I took a funny picture in the little, poke your face in, stand, but when I went back to look at it, she was looking at me!


Then, my phone died because it was too cold, and we had to use Maus’ phone from then on.  Well, when I got home and re-booted up mah phone, there was a picture I hadn’t taken.  I’ll post it here in case someone can help me:


I think I even saw her when I was walking around the light garden, hiding in the darkness ready to devour me:

photo credit: Spring Thaw via photopin (license)


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