Christmas Presents 2014

Christmas time is all over for 2014, and now it’s 2015. But, there’s still the matter of presents. I got presents this year!

The first present I got was a new comforter and sheets for my bed. Without saying much further, it could use some new ones.

The second present I got was a Nintendo 3DS!


I also got a subscription to Make magazine from my Ian and Jamie (my brother and his wife), as well as a little bin thingy and I believe a giant bag of M&Ms… so good. I’ve been wanting a subscription to Make magazine, so, now I’ve got one! I took the robotics magazine to Ian’s one time and we talked about robots and servos and all the things mentioned in the magazine. I also showed him the geometry book I’m reading, which I am hoping to read later today while we do laundry at Washhouse.

Then, I got a non-stick-to-the-blade knife set in all sorts of funky colors and designs:


I think I’m going to get a magnetic knife strip (if it will work and isn’t too expensive) to put right above the oven. I already have a set of knives truly, but they stick, and are old (about 8 years, OMG I know that’s so old! ;-]). I also got $25 in Starbucks, yay! And $20 in iTunes, yay!

Maus got me a couple of gifts for Christmas too, including RPG Maker VX Ace for my laptop and tower, Tomadachi Life for the 3DS, and Dragon Crown (a PS3 game), and Wallace and Gromit (a hilariously bad game). He also got US a Wii U and Mario Kart 8.


The nice thing about the Wii U is that it comes with this thing called MiiVerse. Ian, my brother, also got a Wii U for Christmas and now we are friends on MiiVerse. It’s kind of cool to have a friend on a console, and I wish I knew how to meet more cool people online, but… I’m too shy.

I also received multi-colored shirts, a usual Christmas staple. They are basic button-up colors, but the colors themselves are pretty neat and strong. One time when I was wearing a shirt from another Christmas a long time ago and I was in Asheville, North Carolina, this one woman in the Malaprops book store told me how amazing my purple shirt was. These are kind of like that but with a different texture.

I’ve been playing Tomadachi Life, and it’s pretty cute. Although, I listed Aila and Jamie as ‘other relatives’, and now I have to discourage them from having a relationship with me, and instead have a relationship with their in game significant others. I made Ian and Jamie, and Asa and Aila, I also made Mom and Maus so far. It’s kind of funny, every time I go and check in on Asa’s apartment he’s either looking lonely or doing sit-ups. My guy, Radarman just likes to roll around his apartment.


I can’t remember if there was anything else, if there was and I forgot, I still treasure it!

photo credit: djwudi via photopin cc


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