Christmas Lights and New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Happy New Year Everybody!

This New Year I was a little down, so Maus took me to see a Christmas lights display in Fort Collins on Center street in some kind of gardens. I can’t remember which garden exactly, but we didn’t have cash to donate, so we’re going back with a $5 later. I created a video showcasing all the lights that moved or were hard to see what they were in the pictures, but I got a lot of pictures too. The gallery is above, and the video is below:

My favorite thing about Christmas lights is when you are awash in them. Whenever I drive to the city back from Granby, that first glimpse of Denver is amazing (at night). It’s just a giant see of lights from one size o the other. I love it. There’s this place in Centennial I think that is some kind of industrial park. Smells awful, but looks amazing! The other thing I like best in terms of Christmas lights is when the tree has multi-colored lights on it. I’ve always thought that was more attractive than all the same color lights. There’s always something a little cozy and mysterious about lit up things.

So, after that we went to Old Town. At the end of the video above you’ll see the fireworks in Old Town first night. I thought they’d do it at midnight, but they did it at 10 instead, probably for the kids. The fireworks show wasn’t much to see. I’m used to Grand County fireworks displays which are much more extravagant, and they’re also around July 4th.

After that we went back to our cozy apartment. It was actually kind of hot really. We had some problems with the heat, but we discovered that both our windows were just a crack open causing a lot of cold air to come in. We woke up one day and it was 66 degrees, which is pretty cold in the apartment. Now it’s 79 degrees, whew! I pulled out the sparkling cider and we had a glass. I would’ve bought champagne when I bought some dark cherry bailey’s but… it seemed like an unnecessary additional expense… and I wanted the bailey’s more. I put it in my coffee as creamer.

Then I got on to my Nintendo 3DS to play the old DSi Animal Crossing. Earlier that day it said that there would be a countdown to the new year in the town square. It’s this little virtual community of animals and stuff, an interesting game. So I booted it up at midnight, and when the countdown hit 0, there were fireworks and a special message. It was pretty cute. The trees were also decorated for Christmas, though, Christmas already went.

I want to get the new Animal Crossing for 3DS, but, I got Tomodachi Life instead. That was what was at Best Buy. Maus bought it for me, so that was really nice. I’ll have some impressions in a later post.

Maus also had us eat out as his treat at Old Chicagos. We decided then that we should load up our episodes of Maude and watch the New Year’s season. In this season there’s this old lady called Aunt Polly. She gives an excellent speech near the last quarter of the show, and it was nice to watch Bea Arthur in one of her best roles ever. Here’s the video:

Golden Girls and Maude have a special place in my heart. I watched them trying to survive when I was really depressed. They kind of were my TV family. Maybe I need more friends.

photo credit: jaimelondonboy via photopin cc


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