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Just A Furry, In A Grocery Store

Can Asher make friends, or is he destined to befriend druggie-sluts who never invite them to their toga parties? Did Isaac Homebrew bring home the right pizza, or was he stuck in clean up in the coffee aisle? Do the Golden Girls live on, and whatever happened to Rocket Raccoon? That and more!


Fursuiting! Isaac Homebrew @ New West Fest 2016

So Fort Collins is hosting New West Fest this weekend, and seeing as how I live down town, I thought I’d take Isaac Homebrew out for a walk! It was great fun, I had a lot of pictures taken and I walked all around the park and old town. I even made a video!


Isaac Homebrew in Old Town July 2016

It was kind of neat, there were other buskers out, actually quite a few! There was a caricaturist, and a guy who juggled flaming torches. It was pretty cool. After this one guy took a photo he actually gave me a dollar because he thought I was busking. Hey, dollar for me!