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What Is Linguistics: An Introduction

Linguistics is a deep field, and not necessarily an always well documented.  I’m looking forward to delving into further details of the study of linguistics particularly as it pertains to artificial language construction and artificial intelligence.  I hope this article was helpful in maybe clearing up or helping focus what linguistics means today, and that you found it useful.


Announcing PYGJS (PyGame in your Browser/NodeWebkit)

That’s right, run PyGame (in all it’s Pythonic glory) IN THE BROWSER! All in all, it’s a rough draft.  The code isn’t fully documented because really, it’s ported from other places where there IS documentation (pygame, gamejs, etc.)  Anywhere where the functions/classes don’t QUITE act like their pygame equivalent I make a note of though, so that you aren’t tripped up.


Junky Shark Now Open!

So that’s what we got going, a new online store selling lots of pop culture collectibles. At least, that’s the idea. I’d appreciate it if you need some sort of collectible give me a holler and I’ll see what I can hook you up with. I’m hoping this can provide me with an additional income source, as you know, my part time job won’t last forever (as it stands now).


Anatomy of a URI (What is a URL, URN, etc.?)

With URIs we can reference and locate just about everything we need to on the internet, from books, videos, sites, and games. Without URIs we’d still be stuck in specific clunky ways to access specific things using specific clients and methods, instructions which I followed in many a book before URIs became a big thing. Now, it’s simple:


Japanese Hiragana “S” and “Z” Syllables

These are the first videos I’ve made in this manner, and we made these in a public place (Starbucks, shocker) so the sound is wonky. But, here is the video explaining the cards, and the “S” and “Z” sounds of Japanese. Please pardon my pronunciation, I’m completely self-taught and so I probably do it a bit wrong.


My Trip To Disneyland

So, I haven’t made a personal post in a while, so I thought I’d update you on my life a bit. First off, the biggest news since the Shining Stars Young Adult Rocky Mountain Adventure is that I went to Disneyland! It was quite the experience. In this post there are LOTS of pictures and a bit of video of the parades, fireworks, and attractions.


Game Series Clock Tower PSX Overview

Clock Tower for the Playstation was the first Clock Tower released in North America. This game was also directed by Hifumi Kohno, carrying over the atmosphere and artistic decisions of the first game. This time, however, it’s in 3D.


For The Patrons!

In the mean time, I’m hoping this will be something that can be possible.  I do so many different things that I couldn’t really pick one effectively on Patreon, and I don’t believe they allow you to have multiple accounts.  Besides, I think in this way, it’s a lot more fun.


What’s Wrong With Trigger Warnings?

Challenging ourselves, and resolving emotional issues on a personal level from a personal level is key to our own physical and mental health. This has been scientifically shown time and again. Life without conflict, without challenge, won’t allow any of us to grow and expand in understanding, but rather keep us as small infants incapable of expressing ourselves outside of crying. We owe it to ourselves to strive to be larger than we already are.


Life In The Amazon

So from now on I’m not a ‘comic book artist’, or a ‘writer’, or a ‘game designer’, or anything. I’m all of those things. That’s me! I am a computer programmer, philosopher, musician, writer, artist, game designer, cook, gamer, and inventor.


iTunes Affiliate Links

I am now a member of the iTunes affiliate program. This is one of the ways that I support myself, and I genuinely was just interested in being part of the iTunes community. I’ve very much wanted to become an Amazon Affiliate, but unfortunately Colorado is one of the banned states because of tax laws.