Broken Fingers, Broken Dreams

I broke my finger! Just the tip had har

But I really did break my finger. I’ll have to see if I can get the image from Maus, it’s pretty bad. I’ll post more details about it later. I went home and got suckered into helping pack meat (not my favorite activity) but I didn’t have to cut anything because I had a finger brace on and I can’t put a lot of pressure on it. I only was able to get back on the computer and type today. That’s why I haven’t updated my beautiful life in a while.

For meat packing we got cool new tools though. We have a commercial meat grinder, a commercial sausage maker, a jerky maker, and a commercial grade vacuum sealer. We’ve had problems with working with amateur stuff, so I guess it was time for an upgrade. The meat grinder is very impressive. It can grind meat so fast Asa couldn’t cut pieces fast enough to keep up!

I also got to visit my nephews Tic and Rory which was nice. I was able to play with them quite a bit. I was a gazelle, a deer, a moose, a sloth, and a zoo keeper. Apparently in Tic Zoo the animals are let out of the cage to hunt at night. I also played memory, and kept them entertained a little. My nephews/nieces-in-law (that’s stretching relations) also came and I got to see them too and play a little baseball. Tic got three hits in a row!

On another note, I got a cool thing for myself that I’ll reveal in another post!

Weird thing is, I kept getting heavy deja vu the whole time I was there. From being in the garage, to killing the bull, to playing with Tic. It was weird. But, the thing I always think to myself when I get deja vu is that maybe I’m remembering something because it’s a good thing. Sometimes I buy lottery tickets when I have a lot of deja vu because I think, hey, maybe I’m dreaming of winning. I think this time its a good sign that the invention I’ve been working on for so long now might work be getting closer to working soon. I’m just about to take a big step in it.

On another note, Tic and Rory watched the bull get killed. I wasn’t there because I was still sleeping, but Aila and Tic cried a little bit. That was a good thing, Aila doesn’t think her son is going to be a serial killer. However, I don’t cry when things die. I don’t know why, but things die and I’m just kind of like, well, that’s over. It’s like having a book, and then it ends. When I really started thinking about it I’m not sure if I’d even cry if Maus died. I’d be very very very sad, but I don’t know if I’d cry. Mom says it’s my medication that keeps me from crying about things lately.

So, I’m back home now, which is nice. Like, I’ve said, I’m a city kid at heart and like being cushy and soft.

Oh yeah, I sold all my old video games last week. It was a little hard because almost all of them had some memory attached to them in some way. That’s why I kept them around. I sold everything, including an original Final Fantasy cartridge, Zelda, Link, Ice Hockey… everything except my boxed Final Fantasy III, my boxed Starfox, and my Chronotrigger cartridge. I kept a lot of PS1 and PS2 games, but sold a lot of them I knew I was never going to play. I sold them at Games Ahoy in Loveland. It’s like Game Stop or Buy Back except on super steroids. Awesome place, you should go there.

So I was thinking I was going to make like $60 or something from all the old stuff. I made approximately $260! Pretty awesome. Oh, the reason I went home was so I could make a cake for a friend of mine’s baby shower. That helped me gain a small sum that I gave to my Mom because I owe her lots of money. I think it’ll be saved for a plane ticket or such when I go to California to marry Maus.

So, beside the other two posts I’m going to make, that’s the story; take it or leave it.

photo credit: Maigh via photopin cc


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