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So, yesterday I drove a lot!  First we drove to Colorado Springs to go to the Enlightener’s.  The Enlightener makes Maus and Captain sing like pros!  Nah, she just brings out the beautiful pro that’s already inside them.  It’s amazing to hear them sing, but I listened to my own music this time as I pondered the many vagaries of creativity.  But I took this picture:


If you followed my other social media you’ve seen the final product of such endeavors.  Him Here’ye has a house now!  What secrets will he uncover in his quest for the tools of Karl the Kool?

Anyways, so, we drove all the way from Fort Collins in the early morning (nine is early to me, not that I don’t get up at nine, I just think it’s early).  I actually didn’t get Starbucks this time, I brought my own Dunkin’ Donuts coffee blend.  HA!

I like going on these small road trips with Captain and Maus.  It’s kind of like an adventure for a day.

Oh yeah!  Captain made us breakfast sandwiches before we left.  That was pretty cool!  She’s always thinking so practically… better than my spendthrifty ways.  I kinda just say, convenience?  Here have some money.  Heehee, ah well, that’s the way it goes.

So, let’s see, gotta remember what transpired that day.  The more I think about it the more I realize, I tried to cram everything into my brain, but it all seeped out!  Ah, the humanity!

Well, really only two big things happened of interest to me that day.  Captain and Maus would beg to differ, seeing as how they saw the Enlightene…

Ah, here’s some details.  I baked a bundt cake for the Enlightener!  It came out perfectly.  Here’s some shots:



We actually got an extra bundt cake pan and cake carrier the night before.  Captain was there too this time.  So, there it is.  It’s a margarita bundt cake.  I was going to put more glaze on it, and lime slices around it, but I forgot.  Ah well.  I was worried about it because it came out very toasted, the outside was a bit firm so I thought I had kind of a hard shelled cake on my hands.  I put it in the cake carrier overnight and well into delivering it to its destination.  I don’t know if it just kind of released its moisture in the carrier and recycled or what, but when I took it out for the Enlightener it was soft!  And it was beautiful!  The margarita bundt cake has tequila, lime, lemon, orange, and triple sec in both the batter and the icing.  The Enlightener asked if we’d like a piece, and I know it may have been a bit rude, but I really wanted to taste my apparently well turned out creation.

It was perfect!  Absolutely perfect!  I would say it’s one of the best cakes I’ve baked in a while.

So then everybody decides were going to go to Boulder, after we eat at Chick-Filet.  This was so Captain could look into buying a relative a Christmas present.  However, when we got to Boulder there was some kind of parade of lights going on.  We circled and circled and circled in really narrow passageways of cars until we finally did find a spot in a parking garage.  I kept telling Maus that it was going to be full, like the other one, but it actually wasn’t!  Whoah!  I told Captain that I wouldn’t be surprised if there were fursuits at the parade, because honestly if I’d known about it and we didn’t go to the Enlightener’s I would’ve gone in mah fursuit.

But talk about lights!  There were so many lights in Boulder, it put Old Town Fort Collins to shame.  I took a lot of pictures of the lights, lets see if I can get these posted up here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also captured a video of the lights themselves as we were walking through Pearl Street.  Watch out for the little clip of this funny Marionette Santa that I saw walking around.  I love that type of thing, I mean, I busk too so I get it.


We were going to the Boulder Book Store for a particular item, one that Maus apparently remembered from a couple months ago.  To be honest, I thought he had seen it a lot more recently, because I would have suspected that they wouldn’t have them after two months.  Lo and behold, and I don’t mean to be cynical here, but they didn’t have it.  But I did get a good picture of the Boulder Book Store on Pearl Street (you probably saw it on my Instagram):


That’s where I found this beautiful lady and her music box:


This same beautiful lady also pointed out something a little entertaining when walking around Pearl Street.  Some of the trees were decorated with these awesome little light balls… but why would you decorate a tree with light balls but no lights?  Here’s the creepy photo Captain pointed out:


They’re like little sounds of the departed.  Don’t they look like those flashes of lights that presumably prove ghosts exist?  Or maybe this is an alien encounter?  I like to think it’s a little fairy house, heehee. I thought the balls were awesome, I wanted some, but alas.  I have no idea where they exist.

We went into this little shop full of cool stuff.  Yeah, I know, so specific.  Okay, it was a touristy shop with all sorts of cool rock doodads and figurines.  I liked it, it was interesting.  Maus found this there:


We would’ve gotten it, but as you can guess, it was too expensive.  That’s okay, maybe, someday it’ll be a present?  That is if I can find it three months later after driving for two hours.  No, I’m not bitter.  Heehee.  No really, it’s fine.

The only other thing that was kinda nifty is we saw this car earlier today in the Walmart parking lot when I was picking up sandpaper for my art project:



Anyways, that’s the news for now.

photo credit: Village de Noël via photopin (license)


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