Being Rich

I like being rich. I daydream sometimes about how something I do will make me super wealthy one day and mostly about what I’d do with it.

I’m such a hedonistic capitalist. Well, I wouldn’t say hedonistic by my standards, more selfish. That’s not a bad thing! I want so many things in the world for myself: gadgets, a home, good people, have as much time as possible to pursue my goals, and to create stuff. That’s all FOR me. And I want it through my own efforts, by chasing my own good ideas. (Although if I honestly came upon a large sum of money just as a fluke, I wouldn’t refuse it.)

I was in the hospital one time, and we were supposed to describe our dream vacations if money were no issue. The gay guy with HIV talked about he’d go back and visit all the people in his life before he started to die. The old lady that still used the n-word said she’d go back to Australia. Two people talked at length about how they’d visit the middle east in order to get in touch with their religious roots, whatever those may be.

I talked about all the extravagant things I’d do, like go to crazy restaurants, stay at hotels in Dubai, visit New York during Christmas and New Years, get my friends together and throw a wild party; pretty much very materialistic stuff. When I was done everyone just kind of looked at me and blinked when the moderator chimed in and said, “Well, we all have a range of different values.” I laughed.

But that’s just it. I’m much more focused on what all my money could do than anything else. Why have money that you don’t eventually spend? I’m not going to have any children, and if I made lots of money I’d pay back all my debts. And when you throw money at things, it usually doesn’t help anything, you just have to keep throwing more money at the problem. I want to use money to make something, whether its a computer game, a huge 4k Samsung television, a mini-cooper, a nice house in a great location, an apartment in Japan and New York, a cook, super fancy fursuits, artificial intelligences, bioengineering software, and… and… and… to make more money.

To me that is a much more direct spiritual connection to wealth. Money is not the root of all evil. Money is one of the most beautiful things in the world. And I’m not monetarily rich, far from it. I don’t even have a bank account, and horrible credit (I’m automatically denied on everything). But the idea that you can earn from others the fruits of their own time and efforts is really nifty. It denotes a form of honor and respect that you can’t find anywhere else.

Besides, I did say that I was rich at the start. I am rich. I’m rich in relationships, in values, in cleverness (I think), and vision. I’m rich in the sense that my needs are met, I don’t starve, I am able to work, and I can be entertained. I’m rich in that I already have the love of my life. I’m rich in that I’m unique, I might even venture to say uniquely unique. Who else had a fursuit in seventh grade when the word fursuit wasn’t even coined yet? Who wore a tail to high school every day before the furries made it ‘cool’?

I’m rich in that I pave my own roads, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I make the paths I take. Even in my current work, I made that. I made my own job. I got tired of the way I was living and leveraged what I knew, what I had. I used my own mind. I used the experience I had culled from a lifetime of thinking. I can only hope that this trend continues. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you do not make what you have in your life. We all reap the rewards of our own thoughts.

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