Battle Stations Ready!

I got an update to my battle station.  Now I’m really digitized!  The internet lies at my finger tips.  Mwahahaha!  Now, I just have to enact my evil genius take over the world plan.

What’s special about this particular screen?  Well, this one is hooked up to my tower that runs Windows 7 and Ubuntu.  This particular screen is a cast off from Maus’ collection.  With it, you can draw on its surface like an easel.  Which is really cool, because using the tablet was a little difficult for me.  In fact, I didn’t draw with the tablet because of that.  Now, I just have to learn how to draw things from my mind!  Haha.  Maus was thinking of giving the tablet to Captain.  She said she’d be interested in working on Maus’ comic with him.

So this makes six screens in total.  Two on my Ubuntu/Windows 7 computer, two on my Mac Mini, one is my iPad (which I use to chat and read books), and my Windows 10 laptop.  With these I’ll rule the world!  Here’s a picture of the setup.  I call it my ‘battle station’.  Now, I just have to get comfortable settling into it in the morning or other times, and then content production can start.


I’m going to start working on producing some content again.  I’m hoping to start with some pictures, some of those collage pieces I’ve worked on before.  They’re much easier to set up digitally.  I know that just anybody can take photographs and photoshop (literally) all of them together, as opposed to making a real life subject.  But, I have limited resources.  I have already produced a small resolution screen of Fort Collins Old Town.  It’s the resolution of an iPhone 5s retina screen:


There’s nothing really stopping me from doing some cool stuff with this setup.  I have a setup a lot of computer-philes would appreciate.  So, I should appreciate it too.  I am grateful that I’m able to have such a wonderful set up, to do all sorts of things on it.  It’s beautiful.

So, I went to the Computer Science Club at FRCC.  It was interesting.  There were a lot of varied people there.  It was kind of funny, I was the only one there that wasn’t in any kind of programming class.  That may not be entirely true, because there were so many people I can’t really truly make blanket statements like that.  I said that I had never taken a programming class in my life, but that I was quite knowedgeable about computers.

I talked about my github project (Primus\Falcraft) programmed in PHP.  So far I’ve programmed the definitions of several Abstract Data Types.  I can’t remember everyone’s name, unfortunately, but I’m hoping with a Facebook page being setup I can get over that.  I told them that once I join the social networking people can throw questions at me and I’ll see if I can answer them.

One girl actually told me if I set up tutorials on various computer subjects that she’d at least read them.  It was encouraging to hear that there might actually be an audience for some of my blog content.  Strike while the iron is hot!

I’ll peruse again my projects, as they’re always changing.

I’m going to start a series of ‘digital drawings’ much like the one above, from photographs I’ve taken of real life objects and subjects, as well as drawn subjects I’ve scanned in.  As well, I’m going to really try to start learning how to draw from my imagination as well using the pen tablet monitor I now have.  I want to draw furries!

I’ve actually been thinking of taking a music theory / composition class at FRCC.  I think it’d be interesting to dabble in a little bit of music making.  Theoretically, if I can make some music with any skill, I’ll have all the necessary skills to create my own computer game without any help.  I’ll be able to draw, compose music, and program.  That’ll be interesting.  Kind of funny, having ability but problems bringing myself to do anything.

I guess I’ll start working on tutorials and essays as well.  I think it’ll be interesting to go over some tutorials for programming.  Programming is an interesting subject.  You can teach it a number of ways.  Programming is often taught as a craft rather than necessarily the theoretical aspects off the bat.  However, from my own experience learning programming I’ve realized that I’d rather have learned the theoretical and mathematical parallels and aspects before the craft.  I’ve found learning the ‘craft’ part of it first has hindered my ability to think about programming in an abstract mathematical way.

I wrote some tutorials for general computer use, and then some stuff about boolean logic early on.  I’m hoping to re-write those and see what I can come up with.

I’ve decided I need to work on three/four projects.  I’ll probably focus on each one on and off a week and a half/two weeks at a time.  I’ve decided I’ve had to choose a maximum of four (which is still quite a bit!) and stick to those.  Then, pursue those four even handedly.  My problem is that I get engrossed in a new idea every two weeks and then I end up not working on anything for a long period of time.  That doesn’t accomplish much, as I’ve written about in the last couple of posts.

So, what are my four projects?  Okay.  My first project will be artistic.  I’ve decided, just like why I took the drawing classes in the first place, to do something completely different than what I usually do.  I’m going to focus on a series of digital collages, much like what I created above and what’s hanging in Gallery 970 in Loveland.  Getting the piece about moving into the gallery really encouraged me, so I’m going to continue with that.

My second project will be a game.  I know that I said I was going to work on Simple Quest, but I’ve decided that I’d try something a little different.  When I have a large project in front of me with really high expectations I’ve been having a complete utter block.  So, don’t work on something that has to be perfect, work on something that just works.  I came up with an interesting battle/conflict resolution system (that unfortunately only works on the computer, and not on the table top) that I’m going to use in a dungeon crawler.  I’m going to program the whole thing using Node.js and Electron.  This will enable me to write the game for multiple platforms including phones.

My third project with less priority will be my Primus Artificial Intelligence System.  I already have outlined the basic structure of the server.  It’s a HUGE project, but I can work on it little bit by little bit.  Part of this is I’m going to continue to study algorithms and code bases/libraries.  I like to learn stuff like this for fun.  I want to get better and more into math and graph theory, game theory, all of that.

My fourth project, and my second most important (I’m thinking artistic is first, and then this is second) are my tutorials.  I want to write tutorials and essays about everything that I think about.  I think about a lot of things, and the more I write the more I read.  I hope to start reading a lot more stuff, which means I’ll have a lot to write.  When I first started my blog (Learning to Program with Asher @ FurDev) I wanted to write tutorials on how to do lots of things.  The idea is that as I learned about things, I’d write tutorials for them.


  1.  Art Series
  2. Tutorials
  3. Game
  4. Primus AI

I think this is PLENTY, and I mean PLENTY of stuff to work on.  I can’t promise that all of them will be kept up.  In fact, I won’t be surprised if only two of them are really kept up, the tutorials and the art series.  But I can try.  I thought I’d give myself a little bit of avenue and leeway so that if I get interested in the game and the AI for a week or two, it’ll be a break from the tutorials and art.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  We’ll see what the future holds.

photo credit: Godzilla on the Common via photopin (license)


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