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Book Review: Seth Speaks

Seth Speaks is a monumental work in consciousness theory and obscure psychology that attempts to show us that we create our own world, that we exist before and after death, and that we are parts of and exist in multidimensional realities. Some readers looking for further information past The Seth Material, perhaps even to try to glean it from the ‘horses’s mouth’ will find what they’re looking for in this volume.


Something’s Gotta Give

I’m in this strange place where I don’t believe anything I say about myself, or anything anybody says about me, there’s just nothing there. I’m just nothing. I look back o myself and try to take stock, without anger, and I just find nothing. There’s nothing there… and I hate it.


Game Review: Dragon Warrior

Dragon Warrior is simplistic and probably won’t interest anyone looking for hard core mechanics, or beautiful graphics and storytelling. However, despite its shortcomings, its historical novelty as the great-grandfather of the modern JRPG weighs to great effect. If you’re interested in what was state of the art when the NES was coming of age in the US, this game is a definite treat.


Golden Girls Trivia

Okay, the question of the day – Why did Uncle Nunzio die? Bonus if you can name the episode where we learn this detail.


Book Review: Status Anxiety

There are no exercises in this book, nor step by step instructions on how to “get over” our anxieties, but instead a fairly clear dissection of Western society over the ages in regards to status.


Phabstractic: Linked List Data Type

Doubly linked lists are important data structures for they enable a range of data to be stored in sequential order in memory without necessarily having to be spaced next to each other, or worry about a particular size. There are many advantages to storing data outside of an array like this, including the dynamic nature of its allocation and flexibility of editing the order of elements (including the addition and subtraction of elements).


Game Review: Lunar – Silver Star Story

All in all this game was a pleasant diversion. I liked the story, I liked the characters, and I enjoyed that, at least to me, it didn’t try super hard to be ‘anime’. It just was a good story and setting that was given life through the mechanics of a JRPG. If you like character driven RPG’s then I would recommend this one, but if you’re looking for hardcore strategy, I would look elsewhere.


Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon

In all then, I would recommend this movie to all families and particularly younger children with vibrant and active imaginations. There’s something about the dragon, and its relationship to the heroes of the story, that invokes a certain sense of creative magic and wonder.


Pokémon GO Round Up 11

So, because we hadn’t gone out much and it was Friday we decided that we’d go out and Pokéhunt a bit in a new place. That, and we were buying a new candle from Yankee Candle (I’m a HUGE fan). We got a Lemon Lavender, but the nice thing is that the mall where the Yankee Candle store is in Loveland and right next to a sculpture park.


New Streaming Equipment!

But now, I can stream everything! So, keep an eye out on the left for my Twitch stream and join me in chat while I play new and old games. Right now I’m still working through Arc The Lad II. As soon as I get that done we’ll see where I can go from there.


Movie Review: Don’t Breathe

I’m not inclined to see a sequel, and honestly, I kind of wish I had seen Pete’s Dragon instead. But, what can you do. If you’re interested in heavy action, but not intricate plot with the possibility of being killed all the time then go for this one. Even the most harrowing moment just seemed, disconnected. It was if all the psychology of the movie was disconnected from each other and we were just kind of watching a side show.


Poochie Cures Cancer HD: Slapchop!

Ever since the movie deal Sephroth had never been quite ethe same, with the failed launch of his sitcom andmusic career he had fallen into a life of lies, drugs, sex, alcohol, and D&D. Motherbrain brought him out of his self-destructive shell. She showed him that his mother was where his heart was, and now his his heart was inside MotherBrain. She was like a mother to him, looks ugly, tastes great.


Phabstractic: Map Data Type

Object stores, associative arrays, and Maps are important data structures. They are useful in statistical analysis, as well as for in memory database storage, such as a Redis implementation. The advantage of a map is that you don’t have to remember cryptic index values, as well it allows you to establish an abstract association between two data objects.


Book Review: The Seth Material

For those new to the ideas of spiritualism, looking for a spiritual teacher, or just even a new voice and perspective with which to view their lives, I can easily recommend The Seth Material. It’s a fascinating narrative and look at an intimate phenomenon that helped, well, “launch the new age.” Seth stands as one of the most renowned psychic personalities since he first started talking.


Poochie Cures Cancer HD: Portable, possé!

Him and poochie finally had to go at it in a chill out – the hippy dog’s ninja flower shuriken targeting skillz totally exploded the king’s pants bulging escher wall walking crystal ball bubble popping powers by 3.1415 nuclear pickle pizzas from one hangin’ surfin’ turtle dude judge.


Doing Stuff With Computers

The primary processor is the user, who is directing the computer and its activities, but the primary computational device is called the CPU (central processing unit) and is a chip on the motherboard of the computer.


Pokémon GO Round Up 10

So this last session, I actually broke down and got some incenses and lucky eggs. But it’s paid off, I guess, because I have reached level 15.


Setting Up A Local GitHub Hosted PHP Project on OS X

It’s not too hard to set up a basic command line PHP coding environment using github, composer, and phpunit.  This tutorial covered how to set up the development environment if you’re using php purely from the command line.  This tutorial did not cover *AMP installations.


Phabstractic: Priority Queue Data Type

Priority Queues are very useful and usually, are implemented using heaps. This Priority Queue is implemented using an array that sorts itself rather than an overly complicated binary tree or heap. A priority queue is very useful for event-oriented programming, multitasking processes, and online message queues.


Fursuiting! Isaac Homebrew @ New West Fest 2016

So Fort Collins is hosting New West Fest this weekend, and seeing as how I live down town, I thought I’d take Isaac Homebrew out for a walk! It was great fun, I had a lot of pictures taken and I walked all around the park and old town. I even made a video!