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Once again, by some random person, Rand is placed amongst brutes and savages crying for irrational whim worship and hate.  The one thing about “being an Objectivist” that is the most disheartening is how much Rand is put up as this awful heartless uncaring brutal cowardly miserable wretch of a woman, when she and her philosophy aren’t.  They really aren’t!  Many people are exposed to passages about James Taggart from Atlas Shrugged, the ANTAGONIST and horrible person in the book, without context, without background and think that’s what Rand espouses.  Rand was a rough woman, from what I could gather she had a bit of a steel personality, but she was right, and that’s what matters.

Objectivism is a philosophy for living.  It is a philosophy of total freedom, respect, and appreciation that which is good: man’s basic nature as an independent being not to be trampled, enslaved, or the enslaver.

People are genuinely shocked when I tell them of the seven ‘virtues’ explicitly stated by Rand in Galt’s Speech from Atlas Shrugged:  Rationality, Independence, Productivity, Honesty (yes honesty), Integrity (yup!), Pride and Justice.

Honesty alone is brilliant: the recognition that there is no value predicated on a falsehood.

Objectivism is a grasping of your own life, as a duty to yourself to live it the best you can; to appreciate and respect others trying to do the same.  It’s too bad people don’t really know it, and believe James Taggart is Rand’s ideal man.



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