Action-Packed Stairwell

On Saturday, I woke up and pretty much immediately fursuited. Not a bad thing, just a little off kilter. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of people around, just some in packs walking around a bit. We chalked it up to being Saturday and being cold. It was also mid-day, people aren’t out much mid-day in old town. The best time is Friday evening, but unfortunately, I was away Friday (see my previous post). Well, not unfortunately, I was doing just as good stuff then too.

So after I fursuited we went and got lunch. I say we because it was me, Maus, Captain, and her brother who was visiting from the same post that I was driving around in before (in Colorado Springs). So we ate at HuHot in old town. I had forgotten how nice HuHot was, I think I may go there again. For some reason in my brain I made it out to be the poor man’s BD’s, but it really isn’t.

So Captain’s brother had to go back to Colorado Springs that same day, so we then left HuHot and went to Captain’s apartment. He verified the location of the pick-up. We hung around a little bit (I fit two pieces of puzzle together!). Then, we went to the pick up spot.

We waited for about an hour and a half when we finally decided, if he was going to make his connection in Denver we were going to have to drive him cause the bus was super late. So, we drove to Denver. When we got to Denver I had to go around the bus terminal twice because Downtown Denver sucks. We made it within minutes of the bus leaving, but the most interesting part was the stair well that we had to go down. Below I submit you pictures of what it was like going up the stairwell. For some reason my camera was really blurry so the pictures aren’t great. Captain said this, “was the most action packed stairway she had ever seen.” It definitely had a story to it. We joked that somebody should come up with stories of how all these things got there. I considered, but I couldn’t come up with anything. Do you have a story?

Yeah.  The part that really intrigued me was the toiletry samples on the second stairwell.  Where does that come from?  Some homeless guy got muged, dropped all his toiletries.  Weird.  Anyways, the stair well smelled like a combination of liquor and smoke, with a dash of rancid.  I loved it!  This stairwell made my whole week, it was awesome.  Maus and Captain disliked it very very much, like normal people, and said that because they were singers they were more attuned to really disliking such an environment.  Well, whatever, I thought it was cool.  It’s the small things in life you know?

I think the part that has intrigued me more is that someone (or some people) left all this debris in an anonymous stair well in the middle of Denver and now… it’s on some guy’s website on the internet. It’s funny to me to think of somebody discarding a McDonald’s container without knowing that his handiwork would be featured on the internet. Funny stuff.

So anyways, gotta story for all the random things in the stairwell?  Who knows, post it below!

photo credit: Pause via photopin (license)


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