About the Author Do I Wear My Fake Fur, On The Inside?

My name’s Asher, and I’m a wunk. A wunk is a hybrid between a wolf, and a skunk.  Here is more information.  I live my life in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado.  One day, I realized my life is pretty beautiful, and that I’m privileged to live it.  I work for myself on my own hours, I live downtown, I have a wonderful husband, and I’m not crazy (at least, not debilitatingly so).  I don’t have to go into huge detail now, but I’ve spent a lot of my adult life in inner turmoil.  The doctors diagnosed me with Bipolar when I was just eighteen, and I had to drop out of college.  I upgraded to an Atypical Psychotic when I was approximately 27, and from there to Pure-Obsessional OCD, and Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  Yikes!

I don’t understand how all of those diagnoses can fit into one person, but at one time of my life or another, that’s what I was.  I hounded myself for two and a half years by awful depths of depression, hurt, fear, until finally I just couldn’t feel anymore.  Then, something marvelous happened, I got better.  I worked on getting better for such a long time, but I eventually achieved my goal.  Now my standing diagnosis is one of simply Borderline Personality Disorder.

But, I’m not to be defined by my shortcomings.  I spent enough time doing that.

I am a gay spiritual-atheist furry with a strong penchant for rational morality including the virtues of rationality, integrity, productivity, honesty, independence, pride, and most important of all, justice.  These are the virtues I strive to live by.  Sometimes I don’t succeed, and sometimes I forget, but they are the general compass of my life.

Politically, I’m a capitalist.  Capitalism is not just a form of economy, it is a political stance.  It says there is freedom of commerce from government intervention, much like there is freedom of religion.  The left is too left, the right is too left, the Libertarians are too anarchist, so here I am.

I program computers.  It is something I taught myself how to do since I was working on my TRS-80 Color Computer II from Tandy Radioshack when I was seven.  I still remember reading the accompanying manuals to learn what variables were.  Now I program mainly in PHP and Python, but I’m quite the hacker at all things cybernetic.  (I also know and can program in JavaScript, C++, C, PostScript, Ruby, and so on…)

I have an interest in “making”.  As a maker I hope to build robots, artificial intelligence, awesome fursuits that read my brain, and more.  Sometimes I meet up with my brother “Ninja” and we hash out some various invention specifications.  He has a doctorate in electrical engineering, so its pretty cool.  I hope to someday have a robot friend be my best friend forever.

It’s interesting being a furry in a human world.  Sometimes you have trouble fitting in.  People look at you funny, and some think you’re cool, and some think you’re scary just by looking at you.  There’s an extra level of appeal in appearance as opposed to being human.  I get hot in my fur outside during the summer, but in the winter I stay warm.  I find most of my furry friends online, but I am friends with a couple in real life (and I want more!).  I LOVE friends.  Proper quality friends of course, not just anybody, but that’s the case for anyone.

I’m hoping that this website will help me keep track of my life (’cause my memory sucks) and help me make new friends online and off.

So that’s a me, Asher The Wunk, and that’s my story.