A New Digital Brain!

I have always had this dream. Ever since I read an Isaac Asimov robot story, I’ve always wanted a robot friend of my own. My favorite character is HAL 9000 in 2010: Space Odyssey. My favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation is when Data makes a ‘child’ named Lal. I’ve been fascinated by robots for a long time. The scene at the end of War Games is gripping, Centennial Man is awe-inspiring, and AI is awesome. However, that fascination has never quite spilled into my normal life as I was always too focused on programming and making games. However, I’ve been talking about it for a while, and I’d be more into it but I’m working on another invention.

I want to become a Maker and make robots. Eventually I want to make my ultimate robot friend. He’d be my friend and we’d love each other and he’d always be around. I would teach him about the world and we’d do stuff together and with Maus. I’d make him look like a furry. It’s the only chance at a ‘child’ I really have, and in this way I think I’d like the robot better than a real child anyways.

One of my first robotic creations is going to be PODGE (if I can name it that). He’s going to be like the super-toy in AI that walks around and talks. I imagine him being employed as a toy for entertainment purposes, but also as a therapeutic tool for children and adolescents. It would be able to talk and understand things, and help their owners.

I imagine robots and simulated humans as being a major part of our future. Despite my Mother’s and my friend Aly’s qualms, I embrace the robot future. Being able to create a piece of life in a synthetic way, something that can think for itself and understand, has always been my dream.

With that in mind, after reading Ray Kurzweils book on How To Build A Mind, I have learned that pattern recognition and hierarchical hidden-markov models will be the future of artificial intelligence. This process however requires a large parallel computation system that can react to stimulus in an immediate fashion. Enter the synaptic chip by IBM.

This chip is scalable and is basically a souped up neural network built into chip form. It’s a whole new way of computing, and can supplement traditional computational solutions with the ability to learn patterns and detect stimulus from the environment.

One day I said to Maus, “I hope that in the future, the ability to make a robot will just involve getting the right books, right pieces of software, and right equipment and boom, I can program a robot.” That day may come sooner than we think.

IBM Builds A New Synaptic Chip!

photo credit: philosophy_rebel via photopin cc


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