A Going Away Party

So, I went to my friend’s going away party.  He’s moving to Seattle to work at Amazon.  Pretty neat.  Apparently they’re going to fly him out and find him a place to live.  They must really like him!

It was an interesting party because the only person we knew going in was my friend.  I met him about ten years ago when he worked at GameOn at the mall.  That store doesn’t exist anymore, but it was interesting.  I met him through a mutual acquaintance, one of my high school best friends named Kevin.  I don’t talk to Kevin anymore.

Actually it was kind of interesting because Kevin came up a bit when my friend was out of the room.  It was interesting to hear other people’s perspectives on my former friend.  We talked about the event that started the snowball of drama on everyone’s part, where he ran away in his ectomobile.  No, I’m not making that up.  He actually built an ectomobile.  We didn’t talk about the giant ball of drama that ensued, just a few spots about Kevin.

We actually met a few people, and it was nice.  We talked about all sorts of things, and of course, Maus impressed with his huge body of knowledge as usual.

At my friend’s house he lets spiders live on the outside of his house.  Ick!  But he has a huge party of orb spiders (cat face’s) ranging from big ones to lots of little babies.  He even has another egg sac growing under the patio.  I think spider’s are gross and icky.  There was a spider on the corner of the walk way down the patio.  Maus took a picture of it:


The coolest thing about the night though, in terms of nature, was the sun when it was setting.  It was amazing!  You could look straight at it as the smog and clouds were covering it.  To be honest, I actually thought it was the moon because the sun already set.  Maus made fun of me!  It definitely wasn’t the moon, it was too bright.  I actually took a short video of it, trying to capture it’s brilliance:

I don’t think it worked as well, it doesn’t look like it did in real life.  Ah well.


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