4th Of July in Fort Collins!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was able to take a video of the 4th of July fireworks in City Park, Fort Collins.  We didn’t go to the symphony because we thought it was going to rain.  Then Maus got all pitiful about thirty minutes before the fireworks, and fifteen minutes later we were driving to City Park.  Of course, there was no parking ANYWHERE.  That was expected.  We drove around and around and around so Maus could see the fireworks.  We finally found a spot tucked away right at the finale, so I captured the end.  Getting out was horrendous.

We were in a narrow road with cars on both sides and this car going twice as fast careened past us.  I thought we were going to have an accident for sure.  I knew if we got hit I’d be the one screaming this time.  I was so pissed.  I just froze in my tracks, at least the car did.  What an idiot.

So, I’m stupid too, LOL.  I was sitting there with my iPod snapping picture after picture of the fireworks when I realized, “Oh yeah, duh, I have video.”  So, that’s why the video above turned out the way it did.

We need to find more friends, at least a few because we posted on Facebook that we were going to the fireworks, but nobody offered to go with us or include us.  Bwawawa, ah well, that’s okay.  People got plans you know?

Next year I think we’ll stake out and go to the fireworks proper so we can see the symphony.  We did it several years ago before we were living in Granby for a couple years.

Let’s do it next year!


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