Daily Archive: October 12, 2017


Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 9

In this one post I do quite a number of things that are important to advancing in Dragon Warrior. I start out in Cantlin and travel off to Hauksness. There I find and retrieve Erdrick’s Armor, which is one piece towards defeating the Dragonlord. Then I obtain Erdrick’s Token in the swamp, the Rainbow Drop south of Rimuldar, create the Rainbow Bridge and retrieve Erdrick’s Sword in Charlock Castle, the home of the Dragonlord.


Programming in C: Typedef

What if ther was a way to name a certain type, and then use that name across your program?  That way, if that particular type needed to be changed, say to be an int instead of a char, you could specify that in one place.  Well, that’s where the typedef  statement comes in. However, typedef’s can be a mixed bag, if used too much you acquire obfuscation in your code, but if used to little, you may end up having to edit your code in multiple places; or you may end up with code whose purpose is difficult to understand.