15 Furries In The Wild

So yesterday I received a funny text from Ninja, who’s in San Diego right now.  I guess he was on the beach and this picture happened:

You see, I’m definitely not a “closet furry.”  I’m pretty out and about with everything I do, including furry, so my whole family and the world knows it.  I find it’s easier this way because then I just get to be my authentic bizarro self, and in the end, I and my brothers appreciate each other more.  So when he saw a gathering of the strange beast known as furry at a beach he was at, he knew he had to send me a quick pic tongue in cheek.  My reply was, “Did you capture and tag for tracking purposes?”  My mom laughed at that (she’s in the chat too.)  Ah well, life as a furry.  I’ve always been somewhat the “black sheep” of the family, though that’s not entirely accurate.  I went through a somewhat militant phase of weirdness and that was slightly alienating, I felt, to some of my family members, but things have calmed down now and I’m more of a reasonable person… still sometimes batshit strange, but reasonable.  I’m really glad Ninja and family can have a little fun with the oddities in my life, my poor mother, so it’s all good!

In other news, I figured out how to embed tweets onto my blog, can you tell?  It’s kind of neat and handy.  Elsewhere on my blog, I realized that my gravatar profile links to the right had stripped off all their URL information except the domain name.  So you’d click “GitHub Profile” and just go to github.com.  Definitely not the intended result.  Something somewhere cut off all the rest of the URL, which is odd.  So I went in and fixed these, and as it gets updated through the interwebz should start to reflect accurately on my sidebar.

Twitter had an interesting development for me.  I noticed on my app that I could see what “lists” people added me to.  Lists are basically a curated number of Twitter accounts that a user can put together, very much like a playlist of videos on YouTube except each account curated supplies its own list of tweets.  With lists you can block people, you can develop a feed timeline that only features the accounts you added, that kind of stuff.  Well, I have been added to some pretty straightforward lists in my time including programming

But then there’s this woman:

It appears that she hasn’t tweeted anything since October of 2017, and I’m not entirely sure where she stands on the hot topic issues of the day (like Trump.)  However, I get the sneaking position from examining her constructed lists, which we’ll dive into in a moment, that she probably is a fervent Trump supporter and more, meaning all that stereotypically entails.  She seems to have gotten some kind of strange pleasure from placing a lot of people in a lot of lists with demeaning names, myself included.  Here are the lists she’s constructed:

Yep, there they are.  Now you’d think that a list with the name like “Racist Nazis” would actually be filled with such said racist nazis… but ho no, like in staggering dumbfounding Trumpanzee fashion, it’s filled with random people who assumedly *would* disagree vehemently with this woman if they ever talked to her.  I say that last part because I am personally in the Racist Nazis,

Now understand me, I’m not mad or trying to get back at her with this post.  I’m actually a tickled pickle that somebody could have the gall and be so self-righteous as to put me on a list of people with an “IQ below 70.”  And the “vapid” list makes me laugh precisely because it only has twenty members.  That’s a pretty exclusive club!

I have no idea what I said, what I tweeted or anything that got me on these lists.  It baffles me.  My Twitter feed is made up of Instagram posts about books and my dinners, posts announcing my video game Let’s Play antics, and links to my blog posts.  What could I have said?  This is the first time I ever even wrote the word “Trumpanzee” on my blog as I tend to shy away from political posts here.  But to think that somebody could category me in such a way without ever even meeting or talking to me, and get it so wrong just amuses me to no end.  So, Catherine Lee here’s to you for making my day.  Thanks for the laugh.

photo credit: Fred: Don’t bully my breed #EndBSL via photopin (license)


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