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It’s All Like Reruns

The idea I have to keep in mind from all these developments is that I just have to love myself, and aspire to bring positivity to my life with what I have. I’m not going to get anywhere dwelling on what I can’t do with what I don’t have, and that’s what I’ve been doing all this time.

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Book Review: Redis Essentials

Besides this failing however, I believe this book does a fabulous job of getting anyone with a background in programming up and running with Redis in as short a time as possible.  But there’s the catch, it assumes you have a background in programming and that you are proficient at the types of things that Redis is used for.

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Pokémon GO Round Up

So first things first, I haven’t posted in quite a while, so I have a bit of a backlog. But that’s okay, I did remember to actually capture it in screenshots this time. I gained two levels, hatched several eggs, and caught a whole bunch of Pokémon.

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Seven Days

We’ll see if I have another ‘anger episode’ this week, like I did last week and the week before since stopping the Lamictal. Maybe I can direct it in a better direction, I just have to lay out the pipes. Makes me think of Super Mario, like there’s this little red Italian plumber running around inside my psyche jumping on baddies, and turning into a raccoon. Works for me!

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Golden Girls Trivia

Okay, the question of the day – Which famous cook was allegedly once a business partner of Sophia’s? Bonus if you can name the episode in which this is revealed.

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Japanese Hiragana “Vowels” (Pure) Sounds

The Japanese writing system is split into three parts. Two of these are syllabaries, and the last is a collection of symbols. Japanese doesn’t have an ‘alphabet’ so to speak, as it does a ‘syllabary’, or symbols associated with monosyllabic phonemes. There are two sets of symbols associated with these sounds, one called Hiragana which is used for native words, and one called Katakana which is used for borrowed words or emphasis.

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Vegetti Spiralizer

So next time, I’ll make the zucchini noodles with the rest of the eight zucchinis we got, and I’ll make a hot meat sauce. Then we can see how the noodles pair up with it, though, I’ll probably have to microwave the noodles after I make them. But I can say this, it is WAY easier to make than spaghetti squash noodles.

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Poochie Cures Cancer HD: Spongebob Shortcake!

Whooooooo lives in a strawberry under the sea, spongebob shortcake! All full of truffles and squishy is she! spongebob shortcake! if bakery hijinks is something you wish! spongebob shortcake! then get out of the oven and serve your own dish! READY? spongebob shortcake

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Phabstractic: Observer/Publisher Design Pattern

Observers and Publisher design patterns are very important in that they enable a certain amount of reactive programming. When you only want something to execute or occur when a particular event occurs it makes more sense to just test for state change then to hard code in an if clause for every step.

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Book Review: Seth Speaks

Seth Speaks is a monumental work in consciousness theory and obscure psychology that attempts to show us that we create our own world, that we exist before and after death, and that we are parts of and exist in multidimensional realities. Some readers looking for further information past The Seth Material, perhaps even to try to glean it from the ‘horses’s mouth’ will find what they’re looking for in this volume.


Something’s Gotta Give

I’m in this strange place where I don’t believe anything I say about myself, or anything anybody says about me, there’s just nothing there. I’m just nothing. I look back o myself and try to take stock, without anger, and I just find nothing. There’s nothing there… and I hate it.

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Game Review: Dragon Warrior

Dragon Warrior is simplistic and probably won’t interest anyone looking for hard core mechanics, or beautiful graphics and storytelling. However, despite its shortcomings, its historical novelty as the great-grandfather of the modern JRPG weighs to great effect. If you’re interested in what was state of the art when the NES was coming of age in the US, this game is a definite treat.

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Golden Girls Trivia

Okay, the question of the day – Why did Uncle Nunzio die? Bonus if you can name the episode where we learn this detail.

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Book Review: Status Anxiety

There are no exercises in this book, nor step by step instructions on how to “get over” our anxieties, but instead a fairly clear dissection of Western society over the ages in regards to status.

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Phabstractic: Linked List Data Type

Doubly linked lists are important data structures for they enable a range of data to be stored in sequential order in memory without necessarily having to be spaced next to each other, or worry about a particular size. There are many advantages to storing data outside of an array like this, including the dynamic nature of its allocation and flexibility of editing the order of elements (including the addition and subtraction of elements).

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Game Review: Lunar – Silver Star Story

All in all this game was a pleasant diversion. I liked the story, I liked the characters, and I enjoyed that, at least to me, it didn’t try super hard to be ‘anime’. It just was a good story and setting that was given life through the mechanics of a JRPG. If you like character driven RPG’s then I would recommend this one, but if you’re looking for hardcore strategy, I would look elsewhere.

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Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon

In all then, I would recommend this movie to all families and particularly younger children with vibrant and active imaginations. There’s something about the dragon, and its relationship to the heroes of the story, that invokes a certain sense of creative magic and wonder.

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Pokémon GO Round Up

So, because we hadn’t gone out much and it was Friday we decided that we’d go out and Pokéhunt a bit in a new place. That, and we were buying a new candle from Yankee Candle (I’m a HUGE fan). We got a Lemon Lavender, but the nice thing is that the mall where the Yankee Candle store is in Loveland and right next to a sculpture park.

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New Streaming Equipment!

But now, I can stream everything! So, keep an eye out on the left for my Twitch stream and join me in chat while I play new and old games. Right now I’m still working through Arc The Lad II. As soon as I get that done we’ll see where I can go from there.